Is any one used radionics paper caster or software?

Hi is here anybody use radionics software or paper radionics?

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I have yes. I know many people that swear by it and use them often. They work and are just as powerful as the Black box tech you will find out there.

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Will it work if I use Maitreya’s Mandalas as the “Trends” in the radionics software and me as the “target”?

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I use them. Yes, the Mandalas are definitely trends and you are the target.

Since the Mandalas are already in an emitted state (the mandalas is the energy), you don’t have to set an intention for the trend.


Yes, before finding out about mandalas, I spent a lot of time researching about radionics. I don’t own a physical device, and I only use softwares for PC/Android.

Radionics is a good method to boost the energy inside a mandala.

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Anybody use radionics device for remote seduction?

Yeah the DM’s will work as the trend. Put yourself in the target, then dowse the rate to create the structural link between yourself and the trend.

However, in order to get any radionics system to deliver powerful results it needs to have a powerful energy source to push the energy of the DM into the target. The paper vs. box doesn’t matter because both paper radionics and regular box radionic devices are limited not by the energy of the trend but by the power of the energy source used to send the trend to the target.

Here are 2 great sources to check out. Karl Weltz’s book The Future of Magic and Peter Aziz free course on psionics that includes a very powerful paper radionics plate and it comes with a free servitor creation. You can get it at his azizshamanism in the psionics section

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