Is winning the lottery using audios really possible?

I mean I think it’s possible, but I don’t think it’s that simple, what do you think about that? Have any of you won high prizes?

i think this may be a better post for the questions thread, just a suggestion

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Well I think the question is already in the right area of ​​the forum. Can you win with audios? Now I can say that I loaded a ring with the Lucky Sigill from Sapien about 3 months ago. In the small things, things are really going very well and better than ever. However, I haven’t even won a lottery since then. Before that, I had a small profit every few weeks that brought the expenses back in. Nothing since the ring. A bit strange.
I wonder if there are still limiting beliefs in my subconscious that I should work on. The new field “Attract Lottery Ticket Winnings” has also not hit me so far.


I’ve already reached a point close to winning the lottery a considerable amount using an audio, 4 points were needed to win at least 50 thousand, I got 2, and the other two were very close, for example it was 40 and mine was 41 , but it seems that I can’t get past that limit, and when I get very close I start to lose results, having to stop the audio and wait a while to go back again, I already thought the problem was limiting beliefs, but I don’t know which ones, I I’ve heard the audio of sapiens removing boundaries for almost 4 months and it didn’t help that, maybe the reprogramming of the maitreya will help, it’s something that I will have to wait and see, but something very positive I can say that happened is that I dreamed having won the lottery, it never happened the other times.


Yes, I know that so far I’ve dreamed 6 correct ones in the lottery three times in my life. Main prize several million euros each. You can imagine how frustrating it is every time the alarm goes off and you realize it was just a dream. :sob: :sob: :sob:
Once it has to happen in real life as I said, hope dies last. :grinning:


I used the audio we made and i don’t usually play, but wanted to test it. At night I had a dream with 6 numbers, from that 4 was correct. Received 36$ that isn’t much, but who knows if someone use it consistently lol


:scream: :scream: :scream:

It’s a great accuracy.
I have never hit more than two.