New suggestions for fields: Advanced boosters, tools for fields

There are so many good fields and formulas out there on youtube and it is time to get the results what you deserve:
Here, some of my suggestions for new fields, of course you can add or put ideas on.

Morphic/energetic field speeder:
If you try to speed up any formula (like on youtube 2x) it also will give you results at this speed, you can hear faster, quicker all fields, formulas, reiki etc.

Environment booster:
Energetic/morphic fields, subliminals, hypnosis, reiki etc. will proliferate through your speakers and fill the room you are hearing. Each molecule, atom, energy, (from air, fluids, food, furniture) which comes in contact with this will boost your next hearing fields etc. You get desired results from eating, drinking, breathing, just being in your room.

Quantum jump desired reality + Results booster:
1). Do quantum jump to your desired reality: Desired universe, dimension, world, desired family, desired body, desired personality, desired home etc… 2.) Get help from angels, devas, higher entities etc. to get to your desired universe. 3.) Get the exact vibration of your desired reality. 4.) Release anger, fear, bad/low emotions, low energies etc to get easier to your dimension. 5.) Quantum booster: Get full and perfect results from energetic/morphic fields, subliminals, hypnosis, reiki etc. from other dimensions/realities immediately to current reality.

Formula sponge, safer, trimmer, loading field:
I don’t know if this is even possible, maybe its to strong, but what would be a field, that 1.) you hear it before your playlist, then it will absorb ALL fields, programmed intentions, hypnosis, subliminals, reiki etc. you listen the whole day. Imagine a sponge that absorbs all these. 2.) This field would enhance results like a booster, but not only, it would treat it like ONE whole big field, trimm all fields to get better results. Okay, for the next part 3) maybe we need an additionnal field for this. As I described in 1.) it would act like a sponge, what would it be if you could then hear the next day this field part 3) like a download, you would hear just this field and get the results of ALL absorbed fields (and also the strength + boosted?) from the day you listened before, just hear this one filed?!?! 4) For build new playlist for your loadings, there should be also a field for flushing the old (aka your sponge will released, you get all results + permanent, then you could make new playlist, hear audios to fill your sponge again. This would be a real powerful tool.


Quantum jump one seems dope!

the field of quantum leap I think the correct thing would be to create one to connect with your quantum self, which is the part of you that can materialize everything you have described, a specific field for this would be interesting


energy speeder seems like it would be beneficial since fitting in a playlist in a day can be difficult sometimes, i know she said in the faq some people get results from sped up fields. i have not tried.