New Release; The Hormone Healer + Libido (unisex)

This production will fully heal all your endocrine system and regenerate your glands to the ideal state. Will promote energies that will heal any hormone imbalance. Will assist your glands to produce and release the correct amounts of any hormone to your body for the perfect balance. All your glands will be under the desired synergy for the correct amount of hormones. Also will heal any damage of your glands and fully regenerate them. Will fix any issue like suppressed testosterone or higher estrogens for men, lower or very high estrogens for women and cortisol issues for both males and females etc. Will make you again as teenager with all that health and balance of your endocrine system and your hormones levels to your desired optimal level. As an added effect will regenerate and give the optimal health for your genitals , all the glands of genital area and will strengthen and heal your urinary issues with strengthening/heal all the muscles of pelvic and bladder and give optimal health.

*As a result this field will improve your libido.

  • This field contain healing energy and unconditional love for your endocrine system glands to be extremely healthy and support an optimal hormone production.

Lower prolactin? It’s a hormone so I imagine this covers it?

Maitreya Fields is a childhood dream come true :heart:

The music in this field makes me cry i miss my inner child so much :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


awaken the child :smiley: