7 Master Glands

This field is created to clear the master glands in your body: the pineal, the pituitary, the thyroid, the thymus, the pancreas, the adrenal, and the sexual glands. After the first days, you can have physical detoxification or so-called healing crisis.

Field benefits are many as the glands rule everything: your mood, energy levels, sexual desires, seeing the truth, hormone levels, and much more. After 2-3 weeks your skin will get a lot more fresh and clean, you will get a younger look.

1 listen a day is enough. You can listen to this also while you sleep, but don’t overuse it.

Speakers are better than headphones.

Rain, stormy sounds.


Seems proper indeed.

After detoxing, will there be healing? Or detoxing only?

Detoxing and healing usually go together.

I get what you mean. Nice avatar.

Thanks. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters.

Mine too.

“I’ve walked across the surface of the sun, seen events so tiny and so fast that they hardly can be said to have occurred at all. But you, Adrian…are just a man. And the world’s smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite.”

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That’s the best quote in the whole movie.

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Exactly. Illnesses don’t exist really.
You just don’t have to put stuff in your body that are changing its natural state.


Genuine question: I am not being sarcastic or implying this is a waste of money or inferior or anything of the sort. I am very happy with your products! But, are there different or extra benefits than Sapien Medicine’s Endocrine System Rejuvenation field? Just want to know so I know whether or not to buy. @Maitreya

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maitreya does not critical any other manufacturer’s products here on this forum. please compared the descriptions, if they look the same, then both products are designed to do the same (Knowing that one is a morphic field and the other is programmed energy). Of course if anyone knows the differences between these different products, they are free to share any information.


It is often very beneficial to work on the same end goal with tools from multiple creators. Sapien’s morphic fields use very different methods than Maitreya’s energies, so you can think of it like taking a multi-pronged approach.


That’s a good point. Thanks bro!


Any reviews on this?


Why is the price difference a lot comparing to The Hormone Healer + Libido?

If the price is higher, it means a more advanced and complex approach to the problem. Compare this to the car. You have a basic version, a normal engine, a simple interior etc and you have S-line, leather seats, more power etc

30 mins into this
Powerful detox omg
i needed it so bad

will update in the next few days !


4 days

i watch the dm for a 1 ~ 2 mins
yasterday i put in the emitter for an hour , was too much in some point
what the best way to use this , and audio’s that became into dms in general ?

i am more active and metabolism is so much better !!
its very strong!

I’m curious to see how I feel in a few weeks


Thank you for sharing your experience with this DM. You can set the time in the Emitter. If you feel it so strong, then perhaps for 10 minutes each day and see how you feel.

The best of use any clearing fields is to observe your body. When you feel it’s too much you can say command to the Emitter to switch it off. You have full control over the process. Drink more clear water, to support your body.

thank you for the fast respone <3

on a difrrent topic,

the field emitter dm *
if im using protections and then … a smart entitiy
that try to harm
he can shout down the protections that way …?
this is why i turn on these every short time

Specilly if you said that archons can be shape shifting .

how can i cancel this option
*to not be able to switch off fields at all