New Release; Greek Goddess - The Muscle Guide

This field is the female version of Greek god series for muscle growth. This field will fully promote desired muscle growth at (100-200%) and desired fat burning and help you build the physique of your dreams. Will give a sweet balance of female hormones.

This will field will give you the optimal levels of estrogens and progesterone that needed for muscle growth and a sexy body. Also will keep the male hormones safe and optimal. And we made it for optimal levels because optimal levels are important for the female body’s health and that process will safely promote increased muscle growth.

Also this field will increase protein synesthes to the highest optimal level and give you a great cortisol control and reduction if needed. As for fat burning this field will increase your insulin sensitivity and give a great insulin control throughout the day and will make your thyroid glands to release the optimal levels of thyroid hormones for the superhuman metabolism achievement.

*This field contain healing energy and unconditional love for your endocrine system glands to be extremely healthy and support an optimal hormone production.

*This field contain blockages for any side effects.