Greek God Testosterone (The Golden Era Testosterone)

As we know when T levels going high your body aromatize some of that T into estrogens. As side effects you may feel puffy, with unwanted water retention under skin, on your belly midsection and under chest or feel stressed, angry and depressed. Other side effects are acne, redness and gynecomastia.

So we made a field to eliminate those sides to to zero while boost your T levels up to 500% and give you a specific effect for unwanted hormones:

• It will increase your androgen receptors density and sensitivity to Greek God levels.This process will be extremely safe and free from any side effect. Also will make your Testosterone to bind immediately to the androgen receptors.
• This field will freeing up testosterone in your body so will give you more Free Testosterone that is important for sexual life and your mood levels.
• This production will reduce the unwanted female hormones and estrogens. But will keep healthy and balanced the good estrogen antagonist metabolites that is 2-Hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1) and is important for male body. So this field will reduce the unwanted and unhealthy for male body estrogen agonist metabolites that is 16-Hydroxyestrone (16α-OHE2).
• So the bad estrogens will be reduced and you will have only enough to keep your hormones balanced. Also this field will de-sensitize your estrogen receptors like that : Will decrease estrogen signaling and alter estrogen metabolism and this will have as a result to reduce unwanted bad estrogen metabolites.
• This field will give you as an added effect hormone care and balance energy that will give you a great balanced hormone ratio. That hormone balance will have positive effect for your testosterone.
• This Testosterone booster field have blockages and eliminate any side effect of high hormones production like bloat/water retention for face or body , acne or redness of face and body , hair loss / protection of scalp , skin , genitals , prostate , heart and all the body that high hormones can harm.
• All that effects will last for 24-48 hours.
• This production will give so good balanced Testosterone & hormones levels that you have no need of any extra estrogen reduction.


I have this boosted version of this field
Can you recommend what another field i can hear with this so i can increase my libido?
Thank you

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This one works as a libido booster for me:


Honestly for me greek god boosted and brahmacarya v1 is more than enough.
If for some reason you still want to feel more libido just add this as well


If i listen Greek God Testosterone boosted (3 times a day) and The Hormone Healer + Libido (unisex) boosted (2 times a day). It is safe to combine that?

Thank you

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Same for me…acts as a libido booster


It should be, but please experiment and listen to your body. That test audio boosted is very strong, especially if you listen to anything else that has testosterone boosting effects. You may want to alternate some days with just once/twice or spread out the listening session (I.e. twice in the morning and once before bed)

The Hormone healer is fine.

If you’re working out alongside these as well, prepare for some great results! Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do this field make people idimitating?
I used to use dht or andros from Sapien and people scared me af so i have to stop. Maybe because im from Asian and most guys have low/normal male hormone level and they scared a guy have immense hormone.
I wanna try this field but my job work with customer so i have to ask before use it.

It has side effects blockages, so it might help with that. This field will instruct your body to raise the testosterone without the effects you get when you, for example, inject one.

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My body is having problems producing testosterone. With my reduced testosterone levels, I lost my sex drive and my testicles shrunk in size , because it testicles were failing.

During this time I was also running the following energy programs, “The Book of Health DM series” and the audio Blueprint of Health for Men. I ran all the energy programs 24/7 using my field emitter that is always kept around my neck.

I then installed “Greek God Testosterone” program once I knew about the low testosterone and after several months my sex drive came back.

My questions about “Greek God Testosterone”

Will it healed and restore my testicles so that it will create more testosterone on its own?

Over time will it restore my testicles size?

Do you have any other recommended energy programs to help me.

Thank you for your time

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The fields do not heal; they instruct your body to follow the program that is in them. Your body is healing itself.

With the correct amount of T they should go back to normal naturally.

This field is about to instruct your body to restore your balance. The Hormone Healer + Libido (unisex) It will detect if you are male or female and instruct your body.

But do not combine both Greek God and Hormone Healer, because Greek God is more like testosterone booster + all other benefits, so it will go as high as is safe for you.

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@anon40953425 I am not sure what caused the low testosterone. I had blood work done and I found out that I had high levels in both my Luteinizing hormone (LH) and with my follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). These two high hormone level indicated that the testicles were not functioning well . This happen before I started using any energy programs to increase my testosterone levels. Blood work would tell you if you had a similar problem.

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@Polaris I have been running both fields for the last 6 months, I did not know they clashed. My hormone levels for LH and FSH are still very high, could running the two fields be prevent the levels from dropping?

However, before using both fields I had a erectile dysfunction problem that I had for over a year, I no longer have that problem and I am now functioning normal, was it the Greek God Testosterone (the testosterone levels increased from 333 to 514) or was it the The Hormone Healer + Libido (unisex) that made my erectile dysfunction go away.

Another question: Greek God Testosterone increases testosterone, HOW, does it get the testicles to generate more testosterone or does it do it by another way.

If it gets the testicles to produce the testosterone then could this be preventing the correction in the lh and fsh levels?

thank you for your time.

Testosterone booster instruct your body to get your levels high beyond the limit. While the Hormone Healer would balance them to your optimal level, so they would not go beyond that limit. So using both means whatever would go too much, would be instructed to reduce.
That’s why I think it would be better to choose one. If you want T super high then stop the Hormone Healer and see how you feel when you exceed the optimal level.

It will instruct your body to produce it. Your body follows the instructions at its own pace.

You might consider to read the description of those two fields, and check how you feel about it.

At some stage, your body will be able to maintain the correct level without using fields. Unless this is Greek God Testosterone, then you need to use it occasionally, as it goes beyond your natural state.

Another thing that comes to my mind is sexual trauma, which can store blockages in reproductive parts both in men and women and affect hormones and their mental well-being. It could be suppressed for the whole life. I would go with this field for a while, too. Anyone who had an intimate moment could benefit from that.

Check what resonates with you the most and follow your intuition.

@Polaris , The description in “increasing semen” explain how the Energetic fields work to heal the body, well written. I will stop running Greek God Testosterone and allow The Hormone Healer + Libido (unisex) to restore my system naturally. I will add the “Increasing Seman” field to my collection of fields that are running on my field emitter, and I am already have been running the Restores Veins and Genitals since November.

Thank you for your time.

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Greek God Testosterone Is it safe to use 24/7 with The Field Emitter? (Without The Field Optimizer).

Greek God Testosterone or Male Enhancement V2?

or Can I have both with The Field Emitter?

Thank you.

I recommend observing your body. There is no one rule to fit all.