New Release; Hercules - The Demigod - Advanced Muscular Development Field

This field will greatly Sensitize your muscles to Insulin-Like-Growth-Factor 1 also known as IGF1 (IGF is the most powerful muscle building hormone). You can expect this field to make your muscles highly sensitive and responsive to the anabolic effects of IGF.

This field will increase IGF 1 receptors in the body, specifically in the muscles.

This field will also produce larger amounts of IGF1 in your body (liver will convert more growth hormone to IGF1). IGF as we know is a naturally produced protein-based hormone which affects every cell in the body of an organism and plays a large role in muscle recovery, growth and rejuvenation.

These IGF related effects will result in extreme muscular growth/development and cell splitting (hyperplasia).

This field will increase red blood cell count (with blockers to prevent side effects and ensure a reasonable degree of safety). With larger amount of red blood cells, blood oxygenation is enhanced. This will allow enhanced muscular endurance and faster rate of recovery (from workouts).

This field will inhibit glucocorticoids such as cortisol (glucocorticoids have the opposite effect of androgens and anabolics because glucocorticoids cause muscle tissue depletion and fat gain. So this field, as mentioned will inhibit and significantly reduce the production of glucocorticoid hormones.

Feed efficiency will be tremendously enhanced by this field. Maximum value will be derived from every calorie and nutrient ingested by the person. Protein synthesis (nitrogen retention) will be enhanced to super human levels. This means that the body will be programmed to make maximum use of every calorie of protein ingested and channel that protein towards muscular growth and development as well as optimization of health.

This field will increase your vascularity (visibility of Veins) significantly. This will result from the muscle growth and fat loss that takes place and the thinning/tightening of skin against your muscles (‘shrink wrap mode’). You will achieve the bodybuilder ‘paper thin skin”. The field will ensure that your skin also remains healthy with a glistening look.

The androgenic energy of this field acts like an agonist (binds to the receptor and activates the receptor) of the androgen receptors (AR)*, especially in muscles.

This will increase both androgenic (masculinizing, muscle hardening, drying, increasing strength) and anabolic (muscle building) effects in the body.

This field aims to increase and build up your strength to 200% to 300% with consistent use.

This field will make your muscles highly sensitized to insulin (so they will respond to insulin and the muscles will store glycogen more efficiently and rapidly as well as to a greater degree which will cause muscles to look fuller, more pumped and this process will also aid in muscle growth over time). Using this field after a protein rich and carbohydrate rich meal post-workout meal, should shuttle and channel far more glucose/glycogen and nutrients into the muscles than usual.

This production will increase internal aggression and feelings of power and strength to absolutely extreme levels but while the programming ensures that the aggression and feeling of being on something so powerful and androgenic (this field) is channeled towards an successful and unstoppable alpha mentality, positive self development and brutal workouts

-For safety purposes this field will have blockers to prevent scalp and hair-loss issues or issues with prostrate. It will also prevent any kind of cancer cell proliferation.

*The androgen receptor (AR), also known as NR3C4 (nuclear receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 4), is a type of nuclear receptor[9] that is activated by binding any of the androgenic hormones in the cytoplasm and then translocating into the nucleus.

*This field contain blockages to give zero side effects.


Does the growth hormone refers to HGH, if yes, would it be better to listen to HGH before playing this field?

HGH = human growth hormone
You can help your body additionally with listening hgh before that, yes.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Maitreya ive been using this since it came out and seems to be working well for me. gratitude for that :relaxed:I have to say though (and I don’t complain too much) the music is waaaaayy to much / harsh for me. My simple request is to offer this great field with music more akin to greek god beauty and body. I really love the music in both of those


The music of that audio is very good, I think it combines perfectly with the function that the audio does, I do not hear this audio but I am listening to the Greek god and what I am noticing is that my hair is becoming more silky and shiny


I suppose its a matter of opinion :relieved: for the gym its fine I guess

@abro yes definitely a gym track!


How many times we have to listen the gum road version ?

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@Maitreya Please tell me 1. What is the difference between “Hercules - Demigod - Advanced Muscle Development Area” and “Perfect Body of God”? Does the latest package include the Hercules - Demi-God features, or are these fields complementary to each other?

  1. What is the difference:
    a) DM: The Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager)
    b) DM: Mandala Manager V2 “It can also work digitally and no longer requires you to print out mandalas.”
    c) DM: The Field Emitter.
    If all options work with digital mandalas.
    Which is better?

Thank You!

Hercules is less advanced than The Ultimate God Body which has more complex approach and includes Androgen Receptors - THE SENSITIVITY OF THE GODS. You can use both fields, they will work toghether.

We have uploaded information about them here:

Which one is better is a very individual opinion, and you can find all of them in those threads before you make your own choice:

I’m now deciding which one to buy. That’s why I asked the question. Is there any benefit to using additional Hercules or does the “Perfect Body of God” package cover everything in Hercules?


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The field Hercules is not included in the Ultimate God Body just some of the features. This field Androgen Receptors - THE SENSITIVITY OF THE GODS is included in the UGB with all other benefits mentioned in the description.

If you want to use mandalas only then MMV2 is the best option as you don’t need to carry anything with you. If you want to add audios, subliminals, reiki then you need to have the Emitter. Having both you don’t need to carry anything and you can use everything.


@Polaris Please tell me how to use Mandala Manager V2 correctly? If I understand correctly:

  1. you can carry it in a folder on your device (for example, in a folder with mandalas on your phone), and then you need to open the mandala with MMV2 (mandala manager) and give the command to activate or deactivate certain fields? Or is it not even necessary to open it, an image of a mandala, giving a command?

  2. And what if you print MMV2 - can you leave it at home on a stack of other mandalas and also give a command remotely? Or should MMV2 itself (mandala manager) be taken with you, and does it communicate with other mandalas?

Do I understand correctly that if you work only with graphic mandalas, then MMV2 is more universal than Emitter?

I decided to check just in case so that I can use it correctly after purchase. Thank you!

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  1. Yes, it can be on your phone. You don’t need to open the Manager, you can focus on it in your mind and command without words just by sending information telepathically. Simply think, “The Mandala Manager activate … (name of the field)…now”
  2. Yes, you can leave it at home and send the command from a different country. It will work. :slight_smile:
    V2 was upgraded, so you don’t need to carry the mandala.

Yes. If you only have the Emitter, you would have to carry the USB with you.


Dear @Polaris A small clarification. Does Mandala manager v2 also work with audio and affirmations (in the form of text files) or does only Emitter do this?

Thank you very much!

You need the Field Emitter. If you have both, then you don’t need to carry the USB. Without MMv2 you will need to keep the USB within 15cm from your body.


For Emitter to work with MMV2, should the mandala with Emitter be placed in the same folder with MMV2 or (in the case of a physical copy) placed in a stack with other mandalas?

In the same folder, yes.
The Emitter is not made to be printed, if this is what you mean by a physical copy. It is designed to be used in a USB or memory card. MMv2 will extend this to any sort of cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc because you don’t need to carry anything with you, when you have both.

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