Weight Gain - Fat + Muscles

This audio is programmed to double the calories you take through the day. For example if you eat 2000 calories it will double them to 4000. With that we added most of the calories to go for building muscles (around 70%) and fat (around 30%) that will be distributed through the whole body.


this is big


Thank you Maitreya :heart::pray:


thanks a lot for this field, can’t wait to see everyone’s results.
How many times a day should it be listened to ?!

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Maitreya mentioned you should listen 1-2 times in the morning and then go on with your day


Thank you :smiley: :grin:


Thanks dude…
I hope that even if you don’t eat a lot (eat very little), it is still possible to gain weight very quickly.


Thanks for this

I believe there is no gumroad version of this energy field.

@Maitreya can I use Hercules along with the weight gainer?

this is what I plan to do, but first the one (weight gain) to have enough fat to turn into muscles, then the hercules series and other audio for muscles

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Facts bro, I am extremely skinny, even tho I don’t eat a lot, I’m hoping this can help me


Concentrate you first on weight gain (so this audio), it will allow you to gain weight all over your body. Then when you have put on enough weight, you will choose whether you want to have very big muscles or not,The hercules field allows you to have very large muscles, and not everyone wants it but to have very big muscles

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Thanks man, I think I’m focused on this audio more then anything. So basically I play the field booster (energy sensitivity) and then I play the weight gain? Sound good? And how many times should I listen to the field booster, once before the audio or 2-3 times before the audio

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Yes that sounds great,
for this field, maitreya to recommend 1-2 times a day (ideally in the morning before having breakfast or eating).

2-3 times of each is more than enough, because for maitreya audios in general, 2-3 plays make the field work on you for 12 hours. The more you listen, the longer the field will be active on you, so 2-3 times is more than enough, because if you do it in the morning (8:00 am), it will be active until the evening (8:00 pm).
Use the booster before the weight gain field.

PS: Maybe you don’t need to boost this weight gain field by using a booster before, it may be strong enough already, I’m testing it now (without booster), we will have feedback soon in a few days :+1:


Ok thanks man

Thank You @Maitreya so much
This became most wanted field currently lol

Please tell us does it makes us hungry and does it increase appetite or it just gives us mass we wanted like some calorie bomb+muscles without feeling hungry etc??

The second one, it won’t help us feel hungry, it will give you the mass you want tho


I think

do not believe that this field opens the appetite / makes you want to eat. It doubles the amount of calories we consume, and the excess calories will automatically be stored in the body as fat and muscle.