New Forum Features ✨

Hello, all. :wave:

Today, we have added some more features for our forum users. :confetti_ball: :sparkles: :smiley:

Here’s the list of some of the newly added features;

1. Solved :white_check_mark:

What does it do?

Solved allows users to indicate that their topic is solved by accepting a post as the solution. Solved topics are marked with check on the topic list, and the solution is automatically displayed at the bottom of the first post.

Topic owners will see the solved button (only in some of the categories) next to the like count.

2. Checklist :memo:

What does it do?

Checklist allows users to add interactive checkboxes to their posts. Users can click on checklist-items after submitting the post to check or uncheck each box, without the need to edit their post manually. Clicking on a checklist-item will log an edit, enabling users to track when items on the list are completed.

How do I use it?

Users can add checklist-items to their post by typing []

3. Translator :speaking_head:

What does it do?

Give users the ability to translate a post in the forum automatically with the click of a button.

4. Cakeday :birthday:

Show a birthday cake emoji beside the names of members on their join anniversary or birthday.

What does it do?

Cakeday recognizes members on their join anniversary, as well as on their birthday (if birthday is provided in their profile). Cakeday displays an emoji next to the user’s name for the full date of their anniversary/birthday, as well as a browsable directory of all users. Can be seen here (Maitreya Fields).

We hope you all will enjoy these newly added features. :sparkles: :smiley:

Thank you!


Wow :sweat_smile:

These are some very good features added to the forum, it surely gonna enhance the forum experience :+1:

Thank you so much :bouquet::pray:


:sparkles: :smiley:


Thank you for these new features :wink:


New Features :sparkles: :confetti_ball: :

Spoiler Alert

What does it do?

Hide content in posts behind a spoiler tag

Live Demo

This is a spoiler


[spoiler]This is a spoiler[/spoiler] 

Also works for images.

Click on the “setting” icon and then click “Blur Spoiler” to use this feature.

Quick Messages

What does it do?

Adds a dropdown in the header that shows you your latest private messages and a ‘chat’ experience for private messages similar to Facebook Messages or Google Hangouts.

We hope you all will enjoy these newly added features. :sparkles: :smiley:


Beta Feature :sparkles:

Bored of likes in the forum? Here’s something you will definitely love.

Reactions :heart: :laughing: :open_mouth:

What does it do?

This allows user to add their reactions to the post.

Creating a reaction

The reaction can be created either by clicking the like icon OR by hovering and selecting reaction from the reaction picker.


  • In Mobile to open the reaction-panel long press on like icon.

See who reacted?

On the left side of the post, there will be a list of reactions, by clicking on it, there will be a modal displayed with the list of reactions.

If there are only likes in the post, a list of reactions will not be available but there will be a like-count besides the like button. clicking on it will display the same modal.

See Your reactions?

In the user page activity, there is an extra Reactions tab where you will find all reactions you made.

See who reacted to your post?

In the user page notifications, there is an extra Reactions tab where you will find all reactions made to your posts.


First Reaction Badge is granted to the user when they make their first reaction to a post.



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Everything was so nice and clear and easy to understand. Now it gets complicated and no longer understandable for me. :confused: :worried: :scream:

:heart_eyes: :grinning:

New Feature :sparkles:

Search Gifs

What does it do?

This adds a button to the composer that allows you to search for gifs and easily add the best one to your post.

How to use?

Click on the ‘GIF’ icon

After searching you get an infinite scrolling wall of related gifs:

Clicking one inserts it on your current composer, which looks like:

The Hills GIF




Lets Go Football GIF by Clemson Tigers

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Genius is working hard to improve the forum.


Great features!


Nice @Genius :heart_eyes:



snow you rock GIF by Oakley


Like the new yin-yang loading feature. Nice one @Genius


Yeah I like it a lot


Like it this one is unique :grinning:

zen yin yang GIF by YoMeryl


GIF Animation Pause

Clicking on the image will pause and then unpause the animation. Due to browser security limitations, the pausing shows only the first frame of the image, it can’t show the frame the moment it was clicked.

Here’s an obligatory GIF to try it out:

baby eating GIF

Note: it doesn’t apply to old posts.