New Channel: Luminous Consciousness

We’ve started a new YouTube channel called Luminous Consciousness, designed for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of spirituality. Our goal is simple: to offer valuable insights and practical guidance to enhance your spiritual journey.

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Why not use a real voice over? I feel like AI doesn’t quite have the presence of a real person and feels quite inauthentic to listen to. It’s likely that such videos would be glossed over and lost in a sea of low quality AI generated spiritual videos.


I completely agree.

We communicate through energies. Through books, texts, videos, we transmit our energies, and if they resonate with us, we want to connect with these energies, make them a part of us. We are always looking for something new, at least I am.

Every song is an expression of personal energies. If someone inside is experiencing pain and suffering, then through their energy, that person will become an idol for others who also feel pain and suffering inside.

Every video is an expression of the essence of who the author is, the essence of the author’s energies, their thoughts, their values, their experiences. Either we resonate or we don’t. There are now many channels that simply transmit empty knowledge, retelling something, but these videos lack the author’s soul, their energies, their vision, their lived experience in a specific context. There’s nothing that grabs you. It’s like a synchronous translator.

And there are a huge number of such people, and they don’t stand out among other people and videos. You don’t want to subscribe to them. Just another clone of what millions already have.

But people on the path of spiritual development, due to their greater sensitivity, are especially receptive to this.

I can’t imagine, for example, how AI-generated content could hook me in the long run

This isn’t criticism, but feedback from someone who is very loyal to you and wishes your brand and channel tremendous growth and prosperity.


I totally agree and reaonate with this. Unfortunately, my English is not good and i was thinking how to express some spiritual stuff out there. :slight_smile: I guess we will stay only with the blog, which is also a good communicational channel.


In such situations, it’s important to shift focus away from worrying about what others think of me, and instead focus on the value I bring to people.

Don’t let someone else’s opinion stop you. YouTube should definitely be a part of your plan, even if it’s in its early stages )

Personally, I’d love to see a blog and keep up with it on Telegram. You can share announcements, practices, your thoughts, and links to new products there. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and so on.

Is it the accent you mean? Because by the way you type, your English seems almost perfect.

And I’m assuming you wrote those blog posts too, and they seemed perfect too (unless you were using AI or something :rofl:)

Our energies, are even more important than Our time and thats darn important to me. Our energies communicate, way Before we open out mouths. Watch what people do, watch and sense energy and you’ll be better off in the long run. YOU can even mkae it 'a fun game". its like driving, Be conscious. Right Matireya? :slight_smile:

No Joke,Folks!!

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Maitreya, please do whatever you feel comfortable to do. I’m all for it and will support the channel, AI voice or not. Your beautiful energy still comes through in the message. I personally like AI voices if it’s done well, it can sound more professional. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their voice on the internet. The more Maitreya, the better!


No, the blog is written by me and another team member. I use AI to help fix the grammar so the text isn’t poorly written. My writing in English has improved a lot since the channel started, but I still make sure to offer the highest quality possible.

Now, as we’re editing descriptions from previous videos, I’m facepalming at how illiterate they were written. We were discussing in the team that the only reason someone would listen to these poorly written clips is that people feel the energy and are attracted by it. So, I guess I’m forgiven for the illiterate English. Haha.

Thank you for the feedback. We strive to provide quality, and even this AI voice we searched for 2-3 weeks to make it sound like a real person and not too robotic. Personally, it gives me the feeling that I’m listening to a channel on National Geographic.


Yes! Exactly! That’s wonderful. I would really love your opinion on certain topics (in video format :wink:), like how to know if you’re a lightworker, different types of lightworkers, how to know if you’re being targeted by negative forces, signs that you’re a starseed, stuff like that. Only if it resonates with you, of course :heart: I really enjoy reading your insights on the forum, so if we could have more of that in informative videos on YouTube, that would be amazing and so helpful!