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This audio will download to your subconsciousness Neville Goddard Knowledge in the spheres of law of attraction, mentallity, how the univese and consciousness works.

Neville Goddard did not charge for these lectures or “seminars”, as they might be called today. If, to speak at a particular event, travel was required, he’d request that the funds needed to travel be sent over. But, he didn’t charge for the information itself. In fact, he said, in language that is slightly more visceral, that those who would charge hefty sums of money for such knowledge are, in fact, fraudsters, and that if he were to ever do so, that those in the audience should stop trusting him.

You may, or may not, agree with this sentiment, but it informed his work, and Neville was not a man known for keeping secrets — these beautiful and powerful reality-altering traditions and rituals — away from those who wished to learn.

During the time he taught — the mid-thirties to nineteen-seventy-two, the year of his passing — he spoke of Imagination as God, and he insisted that The Bible was merely a story designed to share this information with the common-folk of the day, while covering these ideas in metaphors that spoke directly to the Heart.

This was certainly not a popular or widely-accepted idea, but his points were considered and his ideas were, by many accounts, revolutionary to those who chose to acknowledge and accept them.

According to Neville Goddard, we are God. You are God. I am God. We are all God. And Imagination is the most beautiful and potent expression of our Godhood. Through Imagination, all things are possible. But, we must dissolve the boundaries between that which we hold to be “imaginary” — a word that often refers to things that are separate from that which we consider to be “real” — and that which we hold to be “real”, for the two are one-in-the-same, and if we dissolve those boundaries, we can create and become ANYTHING that we so desire.

One can venture deeper and deeper into this infinite rabbit-hole, and find ideas regarding the nature of stories and fiction itself, and how they are merely expressions of something that is happening in this moment. To Neville, all stories are true, and all stories are coming true, in this moment. Just as you can find ideas regarding this idea of “Acting As If” and changing the role that you play in this Cosmic Drama of ours. Venture deeper and deeper, and you begin to understand that Neville believed that we are ALWAYS creating our reality, and that we are the creator of all that is around us and all that is entering our lives.

And while I have my doubts and my own fears regarding this idea, I find that there is a significant amount of truth to it. For we do create reality, and we can choose to accept someone else’s reality, and the beliefs and actions and ideas that such a reality entails, or we can create our own. And from that, we will, inevitably, change the very role that we play, for all such definitions are illusory and subject to the infinite motion and impermanence of Imagination.

Imagination is a tool that can conjure anything. Images. Smells. Tastes. Sounds. Sights. Anything at all. But without the feelings that come from such a thing, reality remains somewhat unchanged. You see, Neville Goddard knew that you can imagine that which you desire as much as you’d like — and there is tremendous value in doing just that, make no mistake — but without the feelings that come from the fulfillment of your desire, then there is nothing, for feelings are a language in of themselves, and if you know how to speak the language of God, if you know how to speak directly to that infinite faculty within yourself, then there is nothing that can, or will, stop you.

Furthermore, Neville made a point of saying and emphasizing the fact that imagining the receiving of your desire, is not the same as imagining the fulfillment of the desire. You see, when you imagine the specific act of receiving or obtaining that which you desire, you end up creating a number of blocks that severely limit that which can be created. This isn’t a bad thing, and it does work, but Neville made a point of emphasizing the fact that for the most success, the best success, you want to focus on the “End Result”.

The “End Result” can be many things. For Neville, it was an action that implied, in no uncertain terms, the complete fulfillment of the desire that he had in mind. It could be an imaginal scene in which you are being congratulated by someone due to the fulfillment of your desire. This desire could be, for example, purchasing a house or going on a trip somewhere or losing weight or, if you want to get really big, inventing a new type of car. This scene is indicative of the End Result, and it implies the fulfillment of your desire. Then, according to Neville, you must repeat it…



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Yes, I have tried it for a while. It works great. It made me feel more confident in my abilities as a manifester.


I Just started using this one
How long will it take until 100% of knowledge from this audio download in my subconscious?

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