Need the strongest spell breaker, Altona777 are safe?

hey all
i looking for something that will break my spell,
i have a another post about it

i trying everyday with matireya (the divine’s and fohat)
also bough the Divine Invocation Mandala

also combine with spiritual zone

ALL these fields bring me to feel cleaner but a heart pain start eachtime i listen to any spell cleaner
its a feeling of something that stuck in my heart and try to escape and moving inside me

i was keep searching on yt
of any field that can help me to break this instantly …

i found channel that called " Altona777 " i play it and felt something very unique
i wonder if this channel are safe to use ?
i have a weird feeling about this one .

anyway i still looking for the strongest spell breaking :frowning:

I don’t know anything about this channel, and specific topics about other creators are prohibited on this forum. But if I had to give you a hint it would be the adaptive shield, yeah
Maitreya’s best shield and enough to keep you protected throughout the cleaning process, it also works by itself in removing parasitic entities and etc.


didnt know about this adaptive shield , i bough the divine invocation mandala…
i though its the right one for me , can i ask for refound?

Well, I don’t know, talk to maitreya.