My mind won’t let me love!

I go out… I try to talk at work but despite girls noticeable attention towards me I’m stuck and I noticed tonight my aura or colors in my mind/feelings were shaded and restricted or something and wtf??!!
I will move on either from this timeline or geographical place to another in my mind(ever present) but why have just the’ thanks’ but “go away now” feeling despite whatever is being thrown my way? Spiritual it must be or I’d just search engine it but your my friends so… yeah
Rather not act like a d*ck then act at all but…
…maybe my chakras aren’t in sync or my mind doesn’t match my heart because I would like something nice but my whole self may not be ready or even agree?
To grow and grow w someone seems the idea so maybe I’m just stuck in an undeclared wirl pool of sorts?
Maybe I don’t have the right to talk to them? I want something wholesome not just objectified so maybe maybe my needs and what I should have are….:sweat:
Self sabotage but… eh?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nah your just coo coo like the rest of us!