My mom doesn't feel the audios

I put audios for my mother already has enough temp, and she doesn’t feel any of them, even strong audios like plasma from sapiens medicine, or activation chromosomes, or several others, well I know that in all of them they are sensitive to energy, but still if you abuse a lot of audio in this way at least you would get tired, especially someone who is not used to it, but it doesn’t happen to my mother, I can play an audio for hours and hours and nothing will happen, no fatigue, I don’t know to say if it’s good, maybe it means it’s not working after all.

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Yeah I noticed that too. Interesting subject. Maybe they have to believe? Does she?

Here is what’s weird with me. I feel audios typically that have to do with the face. But anywhere else? I don’t even feel. Yet they still work for me. However though. I did play a lot of audios yesterday, went to bed at midnight or 1 and woke up at 10 still tired.

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Hi Darkmatter,
just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I bought the expensive plasma combo. And feel absolutely nothing when listening. My pendulum says it does something. Just what I haven’t found out yet. So all that remains is the confidence that I have not thrown my money out the window and wait and see.
In addition, such processes take time and doubt is certainly the wrong way to get results.
I know how much one would like to help, especially when it concerns the family, but sometimes you just can’t, because the soul of the person concerned has its own ideas about what needs to be worked on or experienced in this life.
I would take a look at the Multidimensional Shield by Programmed Intention, unfortunately only in Patron and Gumroad. I have a feeling that this could help your entire family situation as well.


She believes, she knows that I put them on, she is diabetic, she recently discovered, since it was discovered I put the diabets sapiens audio for her every day, I hope she takes a blood test to know whether or not she has lowered her glucose .


Any updates? This topic is really interesting.

Maybe her subcounsious mind and early spiritual belifes/programming refuse to accept such things to work?

Did she go to church as a child or something similair where she was thought that other healing sources are/could be the work of the evil, therefor her subconsiousness is trying to “protect” her and then rejects the energy?

Much love.