Monarch mind control victum

I keep getting locked out of my fields they dont work I cant just sit and stare off into space to get harassed all of the time by voices that arent mine. I stare at the mind control DM or try another field from a different maker. I want my old life back without telepathy. It comes bundled with the type of mind control Im under. I dont know anybody in the mob besides in my head and this is so bad I had it turned off and they get really nasty when you dont listen and turn on someones telepathy but that got ignored and someone did it but I needed that because the indents in my skull make me insane. I keep getting comitted I had to stay at the hospital 60 days to find out I had to lie to get released and they badgered me into going and I prefer holistic medicine but I cant get ahold of a good doctor Im so poor its unbearable then the voice just bribes everyone I think its pretend like I know its always my greedy grubby ex I dont like how bad the guy is like this is so not on topic so ill shut up but theres like indents in my skull and its disformed I feel like Im having a heart attack all that is is like a curse I cant lift I really did want to bring back jesus and make the planet a pradise for everyone like in the golden age of man. I feel so heated I have things that arent mind control like ill mimic a threat if Im backed into a corner and cant back down from being tortured and theyre always bitching about god being dead and I think its just to truamatize me I love being religious but when they came out to talk I asked to do science I cant even draw right now someone moves my hand away Im always tired and theyre just too many mob secrets I wanna share like DID isnt mind control MPD is why its undetectable afaik theres a lot of really bad ones like Whitey tried to make it so we dont have to be under mind control amymore and he was really always nice to me we let things get out of control on purpose…to take away the mind control but he died and a lot of the secrets I know Im really important Ive used a time machine before I lied and said I was a dwarf in 1993(I was born in 1991)…ill shush maybe someone has an answer for me? I was never a bad person the whole plan was to get everyy one hooked on science and not do crime anymore thats who and why we had the show rick and morty those people are always nice to me like I wrote with the gorillaz when my boyfriend died of a hate crime I witnessed. All I do is suffer and cry and they wont stop badgering or hen pecking and I dont like where this is going. I apologize for sounding so sad.I need a good friend and I barely have anybody…they all did the opposite when I complained and Im delusional from being tortured.

I want to start with one thing-it is not possible to be locked out of your files. Nobody can stop them working for you even if they say they can.

I recommend those fields:


I am a beginner at using these then I guess, thanks youre super useful like always when dealing with the community I have money now which is rare Ill buy more. Im stressed and don’t want to get comitted again over them not believing these actually do something. Im stressed beyond belief I have a like tinnitus problem but different and they’ll commit me like some kind of slap stick comedy but more in a manner of Tom and Jerry. I feel really bad today specially it’s like why did I even wake up.


ill let you know if it works alright :slight_smile: tysm for listening