Schizophrenia field PLEASE

I don’t know not how to say this so I’ll put it the way i can… I have mental influences and energetic issues… to say the least. I did drugs in the day w people who I guess had a hand in this but the doors are open and I can’t figure how to shut them. Please help!!! Thanks :pray:


Use autism reversal by sapien from yt and plasma brain of youth from gumroad
You’ll get the audio if you buy smart steme cell as bonus
Plasma brain can heal any brain related problem that exists on planet earth or even issue that has not been discovered yet…cuz nothing beats plasma/negentropy which is sapiens trademarked ™️ legendary formula
It can put your brain at it’s perfect blueprint and enhence the effects of other brain fields
It’s the best brain healing field you’ll ever find in your lifetime
But if you want to use mandala then you can try brain reset
But I still recommend using autism and plasma brain even if you’re using brain reset for overnight result


Thank you but I also listen to subliminals… will this effect that?

Idk if it’s the brain or the mind… my experiences And energy haven’t been nearly the same…:pensive:

It won’t

Not my job to tell you what to do but i don’t recommend this at all.

Try it with exorcism 2.0 (dreamseeds) and a bit DMT to calm your mind down.

Buddha consciousness from maitreya is also pretty good to get into flow-state.

Ojas also helps to calm your mind down.

with brain reset, brain chemicals for the first 1-3weeks then brain reset alone should be enough

I know the others here on the forum mean well, but addressing physical issues before the spiritual will get you no where. First, you need to sever the links and close the doors. Only then will you make progress healing the physical issues.

Start with keeping this mandala with you:

Also, it’d be a good idea to watch this video, and after connecting, ask for help!

I’m not sure because drinking only suits me for the minute and being around this person…… I’m strung regardless. I run through the woods EVERY DAY but feel his ‘creepy influences’ idk man… :pensive:

I shouldn’t be vulnerable. I am a martial scientist. I fear NOTHING…. :man_shrugging:

I’ll do it and do my best…. Thank you brother!:heart:

You’re welcome. There’s lots more you could do, but this is a good start. Let’s see how you feel after working with these two for a bit and go from there.

Please, keep us in the loop.

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I…… appreciate the advice… I can’t help the world and feel creepers lurking in my gut or brain… I’ll do what I can😮‍💨:heart::pray: