Mike Tyson Aura

This field will give you the amazing knowledge of Mike Tyson. How Cus D’ Amato made him a champion with focusing on his subnoscious mind. Will setup into your mind all the skills and talent along with improvement for your condition and endurance that a champion boxer like Tyson has.Cus D’ Amato technique will make you believe without any blockage that you can be an amazing boxer and win any enemy and whatever you want and as added effect will give you the amazing skills of Mike Tyson without any effort. That amazing technique called hypnosis and was the secret of Mike Tyson killer instinct.

• Will strengthen your punches to a superhuman level (300-500%) and make you as fast as you desire (around 24 hours if you don’t practice. If you practice you will maintaint it)
• So genius and talented and fast acting while you fight.
• Will improve your endurance and give you amazing defensive and protection skills.
• Will make you a survivor of real life and a warrior machine. (Soul of the warrior)
• Will give you incredible superhuman muscle and frame strength and super saiyan effects with energy and speed (500%)
• As an added effect will give you a great skeletal system with heavily strong aligned posture at the supernatural health and strong Hulky frame.




:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks Maitreya.


Maitreya, does this affect current muscle mass, or just the strength?


Could be play this along the Bruce lee audio?

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I would also like to know this

they can be good combo,
the only “negative” would be that Tyson field will make your posture little more different than Lee’s body (related to movements)


That was I thought.
It’s better to be flexible for martial arts, no so much bulked up.


How long should take this one to download boxing skills and Cus D’Amato knowledge in our system ?

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Around 1-3 weeks

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Mike Tyson Aura: Does it make me aggressive?
Bad mood? Get angry easily ?.

Can I combine it with Warrior Presence Mandala? Can they work together?

What features for daily life? For example self-confidence, without fear, what else?




i need to use the mandala while training?, and it will work the same as the audio?

Keep the mandala with you 24*7 for better results.
Well, Mandala is 3 times powerful than YouTube audio. So it will work even better than audio.