DM: Environmental Energy Store

Say “store” and then an easy name to remember that relates to your current environment

the mandala stores the energy (15-meter radius) of your current environment

recall this same energy whenever you want by saying “activate” and the name you gave that energy snapshot

multiple environmental energy “snapshots” can be stored by using different names for each one

very useful for meditation, or creating a certain environmental vibration


Store the energy of the beach on a sunny day. Then recall that energy when you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day.

Store the energy of a church, sacred place, or somewhere calming. Recall that energy for meditation.

Store the energy of a successful business, then bring that field of success to your home or business.


For someone who likes to travel this is a wonderful idea. The latest trend instead of a photo is the energetic impressions as well as a supplement to a photo taken. Unfortunately, I’m more of a couch potato.


How many fields may I store with this mandala?
Do I have to keep it close to me / wear it if I want to feel the field from it? Or I may just put it aside and it will work/ radiate environmental energy independently?
Will other people around me feel the field from it after my activation?
How long time may it work after activation?
Do I have to say something for deactivation?
It would be very interesting to hear about experience with this field


Lets say I had two printed copies of this mandala and I stored the energy of an environment on one of them. Would the other copy have that saved as well if the first copy gets ruined? Would this work in the field emmiter as well? I was just trying to figure out how this energy works. Thank you

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No, because it wasn’t activated when you were in this place. Unless you will use the Mandala Manager or the Field Emitter.

Yes, you can give the command to this field when you are at the place where you want to store this energy. Or activate when you want to use a saved one. It’s far more safe than printed mandalas.