DM: Spiritual Converter

Spiritual Realms Encoding

This field is made to start transferring successfully messages from higher realms in your system as understandable thoughts, feelings, visions, hearing. It will expand your energy field and raise your vibration as the love and compassion in heart chakra. After this your pineal gland will get little lightening boost and increase the capacity of seeing things with your inner vision.

Field will convert psychic to human understandable information and send that info to brain auditory cortex. This area will be boosted and neuro connections in your brain will be activated so you can start hearing better or feel / sense the proper information.

Temporal and parietal lobes will be boosted as well so the brain can convert information which receives. The job of these structures of the brain is to let the person knows what this information is.

There are many types of memory encoding, but the three main types are visual, acoustic, and elaborative encoding, which will be boosted.

Visual Encoding

Visual encoding is converting a visual image to understand it as an object. In this way, the visual information is converted to the memory stored in the brain. Visual information is stored in the visuospatial sketchpad which is connected to the central executive.

Acoustic Encoding

The encoding of auditory information is known as acoustic encoding. This is the process to understand the auditory aspects of an experience. It includes processing of sounds, words, and other auditory input for storage and retrieval.

Elaborative Encoding

Elaborative encoding simply means relating new information to prior knowledge. Memory is a combination of old and new information about something. In other words, how we remember things depends on how we link it to prior information. Elaborative encoding of something has been shown to greatly enhance long-term memory.


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Would this be useful for my Nikola Tesla field shenanigans?

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Wow, this sounds great

So with that I finally hope that I can understand my higher self.


and understand also the subconscious, as well as animals and plants why not …


Yeah, you are right :smiley: :heart:


The question that I ask myself is to know whether it is necessary to have prerequisites (to already have a certain level), to obtain results…

Thought more on it and realized the answer is likely “probably not much but maaaaybe a little bit”

… Well, really, I don’t even think that and am feeling its simply a no lol

Either way this WOULD help with my day to day shenanigans as well as my alien shenanigans, so, still very awesome stuff

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Field will draw and attract people who can benefit from it. Listen your intuition.


So the art of communication is to develop conceptual communication and this is like direct translator.

I have a question, which field or fields would be good to have the connection with the spiritual realms first, son can use this mandala to translate the info? Maybe a few like…spiritual guardias connection, veils between the worlds, clarivoyance, diamond golden crown?


The art of communication.


My understanding is both are only communication skills/tools but not connection to the realm.

do you mean, apart of a meditation with intention ofc…, the art of communication assist directly for the direct connection, not just for the skill of communication?

A synonym for communication is connection. Once you build up your conceptual communication, you’ll have that connection with the spiritual realm directly.


Didn’t look at it like that… thanks for the viewpoint


Anyone with experiences?

i have something to share i used this for one month and i started to get to know which thoughts is mine and which is from outer world one day in night i tried to connect with guides i closed my eyes and asked guides to answer and i received voices in my mind like someone is talking to me it was great experience i asked few questions and he replied the energy felt around my aura as someone is there the feeling was good didn’t felt anything negative :smiley: