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Who here has heard about living on light? Basically it is a process where the person would spend 21 days without food, the first 5 days are even without water, then water and other liquids are released, and after 21 days the person would be able to feed only on energy from the body. universe, I really believe in that, I even personally met someone who went through the experience, I would like to know what you guys think, has anyone here tried to do this process?


I’m still gathering my thoughts on this subject, but I thought it’d be nice to leave a link to a video for those who don’t know what darkmatter is referring to. :slightly_smiling_face:

This will help those understand how food can contribute to sugar, meat, drug and all kinds of addictions in your life due to connected reward systems that trick the body into eating more than what it needs.

He goes into many good subjects, consciousnesses, “I AM What I THINK”, stuff similar to subconcious reprogramming Maitreya teaches us, keeping higher vibrational thoughts, etc.


Yeah! That’s my goal. I already eat a lot less. But i still need to detox and heal my physical body first. I’m starting to think as food as more of a vessel to get rid of toxins.

I think it’s a lot better done gradually. Pretty sure you just need to raise your vibration.


I’ve noticed the more i evolve spiritually, the more my body can hold weight, and i feel less cravings. I also drink ~3-4 liters of water every day.

If not eating much and you drink alot, remember to add electrolytes to water such as

+Sodium with Iodine


It also helps me feel more Gratitude when i eat less food.

No guys. This is dangerous. Elitom El-Amin can absorb light. If you are white you will die.

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I was looking to make DNA changes for this :smiley:

Life without being depended on food is awesome :heart_eyes:

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I share this story with you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hira Ratan Manek


Born on September 12, 1937 in Bodhavad (India) . Upon his retirement (in 1992) he undertook research on the contemplation of the sun, a method practiced in ancient times by Jains, Amerindians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Greeks, and other peoples. For 3 years he conducted his research and experimented on himself this method which is now called [ Sungazing ] (also solarhealing) .
Since June 1995, Hira Ratan Manek lives solely on water and the energy of the sun. So he became an [ Indian ].

photo Ira Ratan Manek
© BJ Raval 2004Between 1995 and 1996 he took part in a 211 - day study in Calicut (India) feeding only on water and sunlight. Under the medical supervision of Dr. Ramachandran expert in allopathy and Ayurvedic medicine.
Then from January 1, 2000 to February 14, 2001, in Ahmedabad (India, still) he took part in another study of 411 days, feeding exclusively on water and the sun. The study led by Dr. Sudhir Shah (the same who did the 10-day study on the case of [ Prahaladbhai Jani ]) generated a scientific report that can be consulted [ here ].
Following this study he was invited to another 130 - day examination at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA) where it was found that the gray cells of his brain were regenerating and that his pineal gland (3rd eye ) was much bigger than it should have been for a person of his age (8x11cm instead of a recognized maximum of 6x6cm) .
Having become famous all over the world since these scientific studies on his case, Hira Ratan Manek now gives many conferences around the world, and participates in a lot of radio, TV and other interviews…

Here is the summary of the practice of [ Sungazing ] taken from Hira Ratan Manek’s website.
The apprenticeship is done over a period of 9 months divided into three periods of 3 months each. It is a question of contemplating the sun at sunrise or sunset for a period of time that increases as the practice progresses. Of course we look at the sun directly in front and without glasses (of sight or sun) . So we feed on solar energy.
At the beginning of the first period you look at the sun for a few seconds, then you gradually increase to 15’ at the end of the first 3 months. Each time you practice barefoot for contact with mother earth .
At the end of the second period you reach 30’ of contemplation per day.
The last period will bring you to 45’ of solar contemplation, which according to Hira Ratan Manek is the maximum.
Then during the following year you will only have to walk barefoot on the earth under the nourishing sun for 45’ each day. Then afterwards to maintain this contact with the earth and the sun to be nourished by this energy.

photo Ira Ratan Manek
© Solar Healing Center 2004The supply of solar energy to the body through the retina’s receptacle directly nourishes the pineal gland (and it is probably for this reason that Hira Ratan Manek’s is larger than normal) . Direct observation of the sun without the protection of sunglasses seems to contradict the popular belief that “believes” that only the eagle can look the sun in the face. I’m not surprised. In today’s world where individual consciousness is manipulated towards ever more fear, it is normal that we seek to distance ourselves from the fundamental truths of mother nature. Outside, we are allsolar fuel. We are all eagles. I look at the sun as it sets, directly eye to eye, soul to soul, with no other concern than an intense satisfaction of contact with the Big Solar Brother. The maximum of my practice is around thirty minutes. I remind you that it is a question of looking at it at sunrise or at sunset (until one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset) . Not out of these slots, otherwise you’ll damage your eyes. It’s not about doing anything either. Caution and progress are therefore required. Respect your own limits too. We don’t all have the same body, nor the same eyes. Adaptation, adaptation to our vehicle temple.

In antiquity the sun was often worshiped by earthly peoples. Thus in ancient Egypt he was venerated as Ra, like Apollo under the Greeks, Shamash among the Mesopotamians, Inta among the Amerindians. In India he is Surya the creator of all things. In Mexico, as in India, in Egypt and other parts of the world pyramids have been built in homage to the sun worship. Even today modern science recognizes the human body’s need for sunlight for balanced health. The sun helps our body to synthesize vitamin D essential for our health.