Shadow integration conversation

Someone with experience in this type of practice? What do you think? The integration of shadows is a process that aims to integrate and merge into our personality everything that we reject and do not accept within us, our dark sides, more or less. @Samurai @Nexus


everything has polarity
your bad sides can be transmuted to your best skills and abillities

on top of that, there is no such thing as bad / good
when you are rejecting some aspect of yourself that you think it is “bad”,
you see only the half side of the truth

coin has always 2 sides, right?
you can choose to see only one of them and try to lie to yourself that their is no other… or:
see both sides of the coin and take conscious decisions when to use the one or another

let me give you an example
hurting someone physically is bad, right?
but, if some robber for example comes in your house and you use your physical power to protect your family to don’t get hurt. Is that a bad or right?

this is integration
to see both sides of something you are rejecting
and with what this thing is helping/protecting you

and transmutation is when you know those two,
to use the sides as you wish consciously

of course someone will say, if you have clear karma robber won’t come to your house
and this is true, but honestly - how many people on Earth now know their past lives, what they do, and what is their karma + clearing it

make peace with yourself and remember that nobody is perfect


Well said.
I was recently talking with a friend about embracing the shadows. In order to expand in greater ways you must become everything. If you feed one side too much you become imbalanced. You must recognize the duality but at the same time exist in the middle… neutrality.

Some say Shadow work is a must but I have noticed since I started working from the space of neutrality that my expansion has taken a quantum leap. Seems kind of like a hack actually. I know some that have done heavy shadow work and they are still battling the “Dark side”.

Two things that work really well for me:

Working from the heart space
Working from the space of neutrality

Twisted Sage has a Youtube channel and Brian does some very powerful meditations at the end of his 50 question Fridays. Brenda also has a couple very quick heart space videos on the same channel that are pretty amazing. I use the 3 breathe technique to get into the zone before any of my energy work.

Not sure if this is what you were looking for but this is my take on your OP.


I dont really believe in shadow work.

People just love to name things and make a fancy ritual out of everything.

Transcendence, conceptual thinking, higher self connection.

Its all there is to it really.

You’ll understand everything, then probably cry for a few hours, then wonder what the purpose of this lame ass game is, then laugh because realizations, then cry again, curse the universe, and in the end you’ll say
“fook it” and decide on a soul level how you wanna play the game.

Oh and to add on top, you’ll realize its a shared reality and hate humans and places with a lot of people :smiley:


And at some point when you have played enough you will realize that you have only played with yourself. Because there was never anyone else than you. But once you recognize that, the game also stops.

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Also sometimes I wonder if life is just a movie that I’m inside and I’m the only “real” person since I see through myself, and everyone else are just lifeless NPC puppets


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Well, as long as we don’t believe that, the game will stay on. But actually it’s old hat. Neville Goddard has already said it, in other words, maybe a little harder to understand. Neale Donald Walsch in his books “Conversation with God” that there is only ONE. And quantum physics says it the same way.
But as long as we say you are different from me and who is also different, the game will keep going. Since we have hidden from ourselves that there is only us, we believe that there are several of us. And the game continues.
How do you say in India everything is Maya and great teachers who have lost their self-consciousness or, better said, have awakened say that nothing really is there except consciousness.

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Nah I know I am the only real one in my reality. The game is just beginning!

Nah, we’re just illusions that believe we’re real. What happens when the ego ceases to exist? :wink:

I can dig it

Except it never ceases lol.

For the ego or soul personality to dissapear it means that either the universe itself enters the void or something actively depatterns the entire soul personality on the quantum field.

So even though after enlightenment and merging with source your consciousness will be “elsewhere”,

The personality or fragment of the lower soul is probably still gonna exist and do its own thing.

Something that existed once will always exist, unless it is actively depatterned but then it might still exist in the quantum backdrop.

Im not sure you can tap into it and depattern anything there.

Probably can but thats some arcturian level stuff lol