Like a Caterpillar

Hello everyone! I am a new member of the forum and I have been studying morphic fields since the end of May with great results from every point of view and for every type. I believe I am on the right track with the removal of the blocks of the subconscious to have more and more results and in an increasingly rapid time. Very recently I started to study DMs, but I still have some questions to solve despite the many posts read on the forum, I hope not to be repetitive.
My questions focus on the technological management of DMs.
First of all I intend to buy the DM: Slow time and DM: Limitless study, in addition to the Audio: Speed Learning / Reading (I wanted to buy the DM, but for the moment I have to limit myself with the expenses), and a management DM that allows me to also take advantage of all the free DM.
I accept advice on which can be the most useful of the 2 within the limits of my budget (I know that for a really efficient management I will need both of them with DM: The Field Optimizer, but maybe a little later):

DM: Mandalas Manager;
DM: The field Emitter.

And after that, as far as printing is concerned, I know that the resolution and shape of the DMs must be the same as the image of the store, but I was wondering if you know of any programs to be able to reduce the size even to 1.5cm wide (in the case of rectangular DMs no problem), so that I take them all to the copy shop for printing and plasticized foil.

Penultimate question:
I’m a die-hard fan of boosters and I’m an inveterate user (even 30 or 40 fields at day), so i was asking myself if the DM: Quantum booster allows me to have 20 DM on the phone and if the DM into the background of What’s up is able like the wallpaper of block screen and the Home screen. I wanna be sure to take all the advantages of every DM (for example I love the idea that my smartphone becomes an ambulant local raiser).

Last question:
Is there a way to block the DMs also for the bloodline? Or to have the possibility to allow only the local DM like, for example, DM: Lucky Storyline, DM: Local Raiser, DM: Sri Yantra ?

Thanks to everyone who has arrived here.
You’re asking why i said on the top “Like a Caterpillar” and here the answer: i’m a lawyer at the beginnings and i wanna improve my position in the next future with an hard studying and hard sacrifice. I contract everyday with my two best friends: my strong ego and my strong higher self. :grin:

The field Emitter will be enough for your needs.
There is no need for the mandalas to be the same size are they are on the website, so you can resize them for your needs as long as you don’t cut the image.

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Thank you for your reply, Maitreya.