Key to Ambition

What becomes a driving force for ambitious goals when you are content, happy and fulfilled in life?
Mostly asking for answers from people who at some point have operated towards goals from a place of lack, discontent, hatred and have switched to goal achievement from a place of love, joy, service.


I was in that place a few times in my life. I didn’t want to accept my sole purpose because I knew it would be challenging and exposing, while all I wanted was a simple, peaceful life. I have carried on my shoulders a lot from my ancestral family and too many lifetimes fighting on Earth.
There was a movement when I had been thinking really bad about humanity in general. If someone would give me a button to destroy this planet, I would just press it with no hesitation.
I connected with Mother Earth and nature. Again, I was pissed at humans for destroying this planet, but it helped me to stay more grounded. Who is actually protecting Mother Earth from humans?
It took years of clearing and working on myself to accept my soul’s mission with excitement and joy. Prior to that, it felt like a prison sentence. Like, “I don’t want to be here; I don’t want to waste another lifetime to teach, help and probably die fighting for those idiots who are responsible for how the world looks like. F…off” Oh god, I was so tired and disappointed.
Those are programs, DNA manipulations, ego, and curses. Beings from Higher Realms, at least from my perspective, are compassionate, patient and tolerant. By tolerant, I mean respecting free will.

Another aspect, the most important one, is to work on your self-esteem. The more you start to accept yourself, the clearer you think. Healthy self-esteem is linked to healthy service to others. Without a solid core, you will either hate humans or try to save them because you think it’s noble and will make you more worthy. I had spent most of my life trying to save everyone around me, which is a martyr mentality. I was raised as a Catholic, and that was so deeply rooted because Jesus died for us, so it’s the highest love, and I wanted to deserve his love.

If I had to point out where every human should start after years of my experience, it would be to focus on self-esteem, which I did last.



Serving others with what one has learned and achieved within oneself.