Ultimate god body flaws?

Not trying to harp on a seemingly perfect field but this field tends to inhibit myostatin and boost follistatin which is understandably to prevent muscle loss however due to research of my own I found it is detrimental to joint recovery. To specify, myostatin is a crucial component in joint recovery and follistatin weakens joints and increases inflammation. I did buy the field but that was before I looked further into this subject. Any thoughts because my joints already have serious issues so I’m afraid to use this despite all the other benefits. @Maitreya



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This is small effect and not to everyone happen. You can use joints regeneration with that.

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I don’t know if the mind/aura of an individual can block out the effects they don’t want but I hope so. I only can absorb so many fields a day so I’m trying to minimize and consolidate needs and solutions. You know?

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