Questions about mandalas and suggestions

I’ve been using programmed energy on audios as a medium/carrier for over a year now with mostly a lot of success, varying from creators like Sapien Medicine, Maitreya and M.E.F.
I’m relatively unfamiliar with mandalas as an energy medium and I’m a little bit reserved regarding the concept since I’m only used to audios. Maitreya is the first trusted creator I’ve seen creating mandalas and that’s why I’m open to try them.
I did a little bit of research and this is what I know so far (Please correct me if I’m wrong):

  • You should use them in a proximity of 30 cm max. to your body
  • You can stack multiple mandalas on top of each other and use them simultaneously (as long as the topics are not conflicting, for example one for green eyes and one for blue eyes)
  • Size does not matter, you can minimize them to 10 x 10 cm and they would still work as long as you don’t cut or crop them. The original design needs to remain intact
  • You can carry them inside your phone case, the radiations does not affect the energy

With that said I still have a couple of questions.
1.You can stack multiple mandalas but can you also use energy/morphic fields from other creators while wearing the mandalas? Or should you take the mandalas off when you want to use other energy work? And if so, why is that? Is is because the energies from different creators could clash and/or don’t have the same type of carrier (one is a mandala, other is a audio) I’ve got a big playlist consisting of a lot of energetic audios and sometimes I barely can get to them all. It’s something to take into consideration if I can’t use the mandalas with the audios.
2. Does the mandala affect someone standing close to you who is inside of the 30 cm range?
3. Does the quality of the printed image matter? The higher the quality the better the energy transference?

Thanks in advance!


Sapien has had mandalas for years.

This is fine.


Lol, now that I think about it you’re right! He posted a lot of them on instagram for example. Just never seen them on the websites like gumroad and teespring where he sells the more powerful stuff.

Really? Well that’s a relief. Could you also explain why that is? There used to be a myth that it wasn’t beneficial for the effectiveness of morphic fields/programmed energy to combine multiple of them together. But the energy of Maitreya’s mandalas are suitable to be combined with Sapien’s audio fields for example?


:point_up_2: I set aside my mandalas whenever I listen to a lot of Sapien audios 2x or more daily. It’s just my personal preference just to be certain and be assured that I get the most from the audios since the mandalas (Maitreya’s and Sapien’s) are potent by themselves. Both audios and DMs work on your aura and I always bear that in mind.


Hello, can I put those mandalas in Plastic Document Wallet? Do I have to see them? How far from me can they be to still work?

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Yes you can put in plastic, no need to see them, 30 cm for most

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why only 30 cm? isn’t it too little? why not at least 1 m? So when I want them to function whilst sleeping, I have to put them under pillow?

it was made that way so that the mandala you have won’t affect other people. you can even change it to 5 cm instead of 30 cm if you wish to do so


so I can shorten it, but can I prolong it? How much? To 2 metres? Or more even though it would affect other people? And how can I change that range?

Check this out

2 meters is not option

ok, I will ask her, thank you

Is it ok to write down text on the mandala?
I write down the mandala name on the back in order to identify it.
What if the mandala paper is broken?
Will this keep working?

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I also would like to know this, for example I had a DM printed on a A4 paper then folded and put it in my pocket. Then one day it was raining pretty heavy and that paper got wet, now the picture isnt as clear anymore and almost a hole in the actual mandala. Would it still work and if so is it still as effective? Or can the programmed energy become corrupted/weak if the image isnt as clear?

Grateful for any info on the subject, thanks.

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I think it will work, even if the sheet is a little broken, folded or written
But you know, placebo is powerful so I have doubts sometimes and don’t want to waste time

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