This field was inspired by the first all-civilian crew sent to space, the Inspiration4. Each member of the crew represented a human quality - responsibility, hope, generosity, and prosperity. This field allows you to embody and express those qualities in your own life. While this field has a focus on those 4 qualities, it also represents the mission as a whole - so it includes the qualities of exploration, discovery, inspiration, innovation, and creating new possibilities.

The Crew & Their Qualities:

Responsibility - the first crew member and commander, Jared, represents leadership and responsibility

Hope - the second crew member, Hayley, represents hope and ambition (with this field it also includes optimism)

Generosity - the third crew member, Chris, represents generosity and selflessness (with this field it also includes gratitude)

Prosperity - the fourth crew member, Sian, represents prosperity (with this field it also includes a success mindset) with more than 1000 beliefs that will tap directly into your subconscious. Also, there is Activation of the energy of Abundance.

Inspiration - the crew and mission as a whole represents inspiration and innovation (with this field it also includes creativity)

This field brings together those feelings and qualities - each one complimenting each other and working with your already existing qualities, to improve them and help you achieve new “heights” in your life. It will also help you in becoming an innovative and inspired person, always ready to explore and discover things you never thought were possible.

Boosted Digital Mandala: DM: Inspiration4


Designed this :slight_smile:


Very nice, let’s see how quickly you can assimilate these qualities in your life.
It’s amazing how you get all the wonderful ideas for mandalas. I can only say keep it up. :star_struck:


Dude, design one to ATTRACT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Knowledge of CASANOVA, etc.

I see that your ideas ARE ACCEPTED.



Keep in mind you can use any of the audio fields with the Field Emitter. Have you tried putting the attraction audios on a drive with the emitter? Maitreya has said that she probably won’t make a DM for attraction in that sense, at least not right now. But you can use the Field Emitter.

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I have Field Emitter and Maitreya’s attraction audios but … NO RESULTS.

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Now the field emitter also works with the other creators. Maybe someone else’s audio can help you achieve your goals.

But perhaps one should look at the problem from a different angle. If you were a woman would you want to have a relationship with yourself?