I need motivation to listen

what results has everyone got and how have they changed you.

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have you experienced audios ?! have you seen or felt anything that motivates you to work with energetic audio?

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I’ll tell you that it can transform every atom of your body to dna and genetic level depends on what you are listening…you’ll get exact result that the audio states if you believe without any doubt…if you’re wondering how “far” an audio would go then I’d suggest you to read the descriptions of blueprint of life by sapien medicine and healing chamber from maitryea… everything is energy even people. Energy transforms energy…for it changed my personality, looks, mindset, and psychic skills…but I’d suggest to try yourself.

Blueprint of life :

This violin track, was originally going on a game, but I decided to use it here.
The intention behind this audio is to create the right mental and physical mindsets to facilitate change while you use it.

Let the violins carry you on a journey of change as a a very concentrated light of change that sinks down to an even genetic level to implement a higher form of harmony.

Imagine the pure concept of the flower of life in a negentropic manner changing the inner you, the core of your genes influenced by harmony and negentropic order.

Of course if you extend this thought process outwards you will see a host of potential effects not quite unlike a massive awakening into becoming a entirely new you.

In short it’s for transforming you to a new and 10x better person overall. So much that you may even not recognize yourself compared to your past self.

Healing chamber :

Imagine how that would be if you were able to heal while just being asleep? Our physical body does heal during sleep…However it heals at a certain level and is limited to only the physical body. This field allows you to heal every aspect of your being. Physical, mental, and spiritual. It puts you at Delta and a hypnosis state to heal you at a very faster speed than usual.

While played it puts your brain at deep Delta state. A state where all healing starts. Many people have trouble sleeping or are exhausted and tired in the morning because they are unable to have Delta sleep long enough. Delta state is the state when you sleep without having any dreams or deep sleep state. So make sure you only use it when you are about to sleep at night otherwise it won’t work fully.

Physical healing:

It allows your body to be healed to its core. We have 37.2 trillion cells in our body. It allows you to heal and detoxify every single of them. It can heal any issue that you have with your physical body. Any sickness can be healed with ease. After all our sickness is a physical manifestation of your spiritual or mental issue. This field can put you at the stare of autophagy… A state where every damaged part of our body can be healed. Doesn’t matter if you have skin problems, organ issues, or any disease it has the power to heal any physical illness imaginable as it destroys all the illness from its root in astral level. It also recovers jing, shen, and chi.

Emotional healing:

As we grow up we face many problems in life. And it can leave us emotionally drained. Relationships, family, friends and many other things can cause us trouble. It can heal all painful memories of your past and present situation. It clears all types of emotional blockage form all chakra and your mind so that you can be free and live free without any fear, regret or anything bothering you emotionally. It returns you into your true divine self which is free from all these attachments and full of self love.

Spiritual healing:

Allows your aura to be cleaned at 15 dimensional level. Prevents energy blockage and leakage from your energy body. Heals and grows all chakra and balances them accordingly. It also enhances energy sensitivity . Which allows you to get results from any field and allows you to feel energy deeply and more effectively. Can also remove any cords that’s connected to your energy body and draining energy or any entities that’s attached within you.

To heal you to the core level…

I believe anyone should be satisfied with this much motivation to start something.


From maitryea. Check gumraod


@JAAJ The field is mostly for internal work. More like self development in all aspect. It has the potential to change a person’s dna aka the programming of a person in divine manner as it “should be” but isn’t due to flaws. It’s extremely strong for rising vibration. Of you tend to get materialistic benift from it then don’t. It’s more like a self upgrade like changing the ram of a computer. It can turn someone into an evolved being. Overall it can affect emotional, mental and physical state for all level of healing. And keep in mind that mindset create reality. In other words it can reverse all flaw in ones dna. So he would behave, feel and ext different. It can even affect your next generation since your dna will be affected. Most people has more or less internal flaws and this field is supposed to make one flawless. For example as devine beings we all were supposed to be happy and perfect but most of us are not. So it’s purpose to bring all type of balance and make an entirely new you. It can potentially enhence all qualities even psychic abilities. Not directly but indirectly. But it just feels too natural that people can’t even realize the effects. At least most of them. Unlike other field it doesn’t mess with external parts or anything so that you can easily feel it. Instead it reprograms everything at core level. For best measurements keep a check of your emotional and mental state once you start using it. Or keep a note or something. I’d definitely recommend it personally. But don’t expect too big change too soon cuz it doesn’t work like that. People are just too despate and avarage joes that’s the problem lol and I can definitely feel it working on my mind. Don’t listen to people who are driven by greed and ego for material gains. Especially people who don’t have any control over their own mind and destiny has no right to judge anything. Also you might not feel it working unless you’re hypersensitive to energy since it works at a complete different pattern or is not like anything that is ever created. The concept itlsef is completely unique. long story short it makes you as you were SUPPOSED to be. That’s all. And most importantly you should never think anything based on what someone says. Doesn’t matter it’s me or someone else. Do what suites you best even if 7 billion people is againts you lol at least that’s how I do things. But if arcturians are saying it then there shouldn’t be any question. Definitely go for it. In long term it will pay big time.


Thank you very much my friend! Much appreciated :white_heart:


You’re welcome. Let me know later if you have any doubt. And other than changing mindset it can turn you into a being with higher consciousness and evolve you Spirituality. So even if you stop using it at some point you’ll still have all the benifit since it works at your core programming. It also accelerates physical healing and all type of healing in all levels…


And I forgot to mention about ego lol you don’t have to listen to it. It’s like a neighbor who keeps whining 24/7 for no reason. Ego loses complete control once you get a hold of this field . I didn’t use it in daily basis tbh and yet I see huge improvement in level of consciousness. Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it. Especially if it’s for best…


Nope. It won’t lol it can affect you to cellular level to make cells work better and improve health…it doesn’t affect anything in negative way from my experience…instead you’ll have golden ratio proportion overall as the blueprint itself is golden ratio aka divine proportion. And everything with golden ratio is more beautiful than anything. Let’s say it will give you golden ratio effect in everything. Health, mindset, body consciousness etc…even maoshan wanderer uses this field with workout and muscle audios lol including myself. We are getting great results. For example let’s say you have physical or facial asymmetry so it can improve it. Cuz that’s the right order. Proper balance.golden ratio or divine proportion is found in all beautiful things in the world such as in picture of monalisa, sunflower, nature and everything. That’s why they look so harmonized and beautiful. So it will enhence your attractiveness in and out…in other words it will improve everything that is flawed. Even the effects from some fields might get enhanced but indirectly…


Healing chamber is very good. Gentle, but you wake up feeling amazing.


Thank you.