I just became patreon premium member

I was wondering if theres a list over all patreon premium member fields i can use with my new upgraded premium membership.

There is no list, but this practice of premium subscription has only been in place for a few months and you can easily find them in the latest publications.

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Ok, thx for answering, and i was wondering how do i activate your mandalas… like the float tank therapy and the wim hof method mandala.

As soon as you take them and they are in you, they start working automatically unless otherwise stated in their description. Their range is 30 centimeters, which means that if they are further away than that, they will not work. This way, you can also separate them from you while you sleep so that you can have a full rest.

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Hmm im having them on my phone background…

That’s ok as long as the phone is with you.
You can also check this fields:

I was going to use this collage :

But you say its not good to sleep with the wim hof and the float field ?

Of course. It is not advisable to use stimulating mandalas or audio recordings before and during sleep. Rest is also very important so that all energy changes interacting with your energy field can be integrated without stressing any system.

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Okay, good to know, i have used these on my phone for a long time… so i should maybe change my two backgrounds before sleep ?

You should decide based on how you feel. Many people use mandalas and audios during the night and don’t get enough rest. In my opinion, it is necessary to have regular complete rest.

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I will take a break.

There is a category for Patreon exclusive fields I have posted there many but if something is missing there let me know I will post it.

A little help for a noobie? I just signed on for the $9.99 Patreon membership; want to support our much appreciated Maitreya and get some good content :slight_smile: I know I have access to YouTube files - but not sure how to access the following video Dental Healing – Teeth And Gums / + Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube. Hoping to use that file with the Time Breaker / Digital Manager to heal my teeth. Any way to do this? Desperately in need of deep healing here. Thank you all for your time and good work <3

You are not able to access this file?

Genius! You’re a genius, Genius! (Willy Wonka anyone? “violet, you’re turning violet, violet”)

You just made my day. Thank you! I looked and looked and never found that file.

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