How to hold on to your money?

I seem to have a problem holding on to money. I spend them all the time🤣
What mandala would be useful, for having less drive to spend my money?

Emotions are strongly linked to money spending. Many people buy stuff to compensate for their lack of love, happiness, or safety. Another thing if you feel guilty about spending money it might be a sign of being in the circle of repeating patterns. You create the opportunity to feel guilty. It can be rooted in childhood.

Blueprint of Health - Mental State / Energetically Programmed Audio

Blueprint of Health - Emotional State / Energetically Programmed Audio

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Thank you, I got the Book mandala, will try it out?

Reckless spending is a form of resistance or fear of possession. It’s best to identify what the resistance ‘against’ it is and to extract and replace it, for example, with a subconscious reprogrammer.


I would suggest you to save 10% of all your income, keeping it in a bank account, and never spending it.

As a reward to yourself for being awesome and creating money, it’s like paying yourself for being so great.

You’ll also get used to the idea that money is always there.

Focusing on the fact that money is always available will attract even more of it (right now, you’re kind of programming yourself to believe there isn’t enough).

I would also recommend learning at least basics of financial literacy.


Could be a useful Mandala, for saving incomes, and don’t spend them☝️

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