Can you recommend a few combination mandalas? 1. For wealth (the one with the best combination effect) 2. For spiritual growth (with high energy effect) 3. For chakra cleaning 4. Use mandala energy to clean up blockages or Combinations that have no obvious effect using mandala

To be able to attract wealth, you need to feel it.


And meditate with this daily.
Plus God part 1 and 2 that you already have.

For chakras and other parts of energetic system:

Please make sure you don’t overloading your system, and have a lot of rest. Energy work can be exhausting and have a serious impact on your physical body. So, use fields with caution. Too many fields might stop results, because your body is on survival mode.

I like to compare this to the gym. You don’t lift 100kg on the very first day. You need to build up your strength first. Some fields are less intense, and you can compare them to 5kg, 10kg. Some of them you should consider as 50kg. Same with results, you can’t expect to have an athletic body in one week at the gym.