Shame & Weightloss

Hi everyone,

I don’t remember where I came across this theory, but I decided to test it on myself.

The theory says that some people gain weight as a result of shame. The body will store fat, so you could hide behind it, as you’d hide when you are ashamed.
I know a few people who are struggling to lose weight no matter how hard they workout and how strict they are to their site. They tried audios, mandalas, frequencies as well. I did it too without significant results.
There could be many different reasons hidden in our subconscious, that prevent us from losing weight. So I decided to try out this [Release Shame Emotional Healing / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube]

I looped it for one night. And wow! It definitely, unlocked something. I had no time for the gym recently and yet I’ve dropped weight (not so extremely but hey😁)without doing anything. So in my case it was very beneficial. I decided to share it.

If anyone heard about it before, I would love to hear your opinion😁


I agree that releasing emotional and subconsious blocks and such is often the key to weightloss.

I mentioned in another thread about people trying out different weightloss fields from various creators with no luck. That if a part of ourselves don’t want weightloss those specific fields won’t work.

So yes, my suggestion is work on getting rid of shame, fear, guilt or whatever, even if it doesn’t resonate at first. ( we all have things like that to release) And add some unconditional self love.

Happy for you!:slightly_smiling_face:


Excessive weight is often associated with the “FIGHT” model. Nowadays, it’s uncommon for this to refer to a physical fight, but rather it signifies a mental fight (wanting to be always right, continually defending your boundaries while someone always tries to breach them, manipulation, etc.) or an emotional battle (in families where people offend each other, or at work, or other emotional attacks towards a person).

All sorts of attacks are prevalent, and people usually resort to the “Fight-defense” model. The converse model is “Flight” - these people evade, run from conflicts, etc., and are often weak despite consuming more than those who are in fight mode.

The fight also represents masculine energy, and flight embodies feminine. In nature, the LARGER and HEAVIER you are, the stronger you appear. This concept is ingrained and retained at the cellular level. To tackle this, it’s necessary to employ an energy field that intentionally erases this memory, or better yet: the person changes their environment where they don’t feel secure.

In psychobiology, this conflict is resolved when the individual realizes they can possess spiritual and mental strength instead of having a large weight and size physically.


I recently heard about a woman who significantly lost weight by practicing “KINDNESS”. I was astounded by this and decided to delve deeper. It seems that if a person is overweight, has a harsh temperament, and perpetrates unkind acts onto others, those people subconsciously hold a desire for revenge, and envision a day they will retaliate. They transmit this signal to the bad person with excess weight, and their subconscious comprehend that they might be attacked one day - hence, it’s necessary to maintain an extra 30-40 kilograms to protect themselves when these people strike, haha.

But if this person amends their character and cultivates the virtue of Kindness, they automatically begin to resonate at a different frequency. There’s a high likelihood that these individuals will “overlook” them and cease formulating plans to get back at them, haha.

Quite amusing dynamics. :slight_smile:


We are way much more complex than we think. And that is so interesting that we can have different approaches to obesity instead of just thinking " I’m fat because I eat too much." while this is not the case. We often forget that we are made from energy not only from cells.

I couldn’t resist :rofl:

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hara line mandalal made me realize the part of me that go on fight mood , then i cleared the momery with scribble on a paper to release the emothions …


This might explain why I always gained weight when I was in an abusive relationship (I didn’t know that at the time, I now know that reflecting back on it). Then lost the weight when the relationship ended.
Except now. Being married for 20 years and having 4 kids. I am unable as of yet to disconnect as I had in past relationships.

More to heal. More to heal.


I seemed to have gained fat and lost hair in a very tumultuous relationship. I believe it’s because in a relationship we’re constantly in a state of fear, which is related to various physical processes like cortisol being released and energy being directed away from digestive processes. If we can’t “rest and digest” what we eat just gets stored as fat rather than being turned into energy stores.