How many mandalas do ya'll wear on a daily basis?

I’m beginning to realize that my collection is going to include a lot of them… and I’m probably going to have to buy the field optimizer eventually lol. Does anyone have more than 10 of them on them every day?

Right now I’ve got lucky timeline, subconsciousness beliefs, sbr 3, book of alchemical quintessence, divinity activation, grounding, and entity and energy protection. Also will be adding on my custom ordered mandala once I receive it. There’s like 20+ more I want to eventually buy though lol. They work so well.

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Try to get first the field optimizer.
You have some a mandala named the limit breaker which increase your energy limits and can help you to support more fields.
Also use the new Nerveoys system balancing which can protect you to overload.
The number depends the person, the mandalas, etc.


Ah yeah, I will when I can, certainly. It’s a great concept for a field. But I actually am very capable of using many, many fields at the same time. I’ve been using them for almost ten years now, just about every day. I definitely feel really overwhelmed when I use audio fields constantly for multiple days in a row (like more than 8 hours) but so far I’m really not experiencing any overwhelm at all from mandalas. I don’t sleep with them though, and that probably helps. I’m sure the grounding field helps as well.

I just know I’m realistically going to eventually have like 30 of them sitting in my pocket so I think the optimizer is a must. Though it may be that for certain fields I’d like to buy like the book of health, I may not feel the need to wear it constantly, though fields like divinity activation I find that I basically want to use 24/7 just because of how powerful and helpful it is. I’d probably want to use fields like chameleon or geralttt 24/7 or all the time when I’m not sleeping as well.

What is the field optimizer?

This one.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know. How are the mandalas affecting you? How do you feel?

They’re helping a lot with all of the issues I got them for. I’m sure the custom one will help even more for my specific issues I’m working through. The SBR 3 and the Book of Alchemical Quintessence were the first ones I purchased and from the first day they took me from being at rock bottom, to being about a 4/10 levels of feeling like crap, which was a big deal because I had been at rock bottom for several months. Divinity activation instantly helped a lot when I bought that, and I would say that one in particular is criminally underpriced. What it actually does is very, very helpful.

It dissolves bad karma from all of your lifetimes and integrates your higher self. All in one, for $50. The art is also really pretty lol. I instantly felt like things were changing when I used it for the first time. Like some kind of timeline change. I also hallucinated a little bit, to be honest. The energies are intense.

I use canva to stack a lot of them together in a small size and then print them out, and then tape them with clear packing tape on both sides to laminate them.

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Wow, that’s awesome! I’m glad that they’re helping you with the issues. I don’t know the SBR 3 and the Book of Alchemical Quintessence. So for those, do you have to say “activate” to use them or do you use them without saying anything to activate it?

With the divinity activation, was it like you went another like, I guess parallel universe, where things were better for you?

The book of alchemical quintessence essentially heals your mental, etheric, and emotional bodies, which is super helpful for mental health, mood, getting past trapped negative emotions and trauma, and much more.

The SBR 3 is an intense subconscious blockage removal that attempts to permanently remove blockages. It also has effects on your states of consciousness and helps with negative conscious mental habits. I found that it also helped me to become more skeptical and doubtful of what my negative thoughts and obsessive thoughts were trying to get me to accept or think or do. It’s possibly the best field of all time IMO, but there are many, many good ones from Maitreya.

The reason it’s so good is that whatever your specific problem is, it will always help with it both consciously and subconsciously. It helps you to completely dissolve whatever is holding you back from your goals and from having a better life.


Oh and for the divinity activation, I would say yes but more like I felt things shifting that had already happened or that would happen. Like my higher self was going in and editing the code, as weird as that sounds. The description even says it changes the energy of relationships, and my understanding is it helps alter trauma and karma in relationships, and other parts of life as well.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. So for the book of alchemical quintessence, I know there are dms in it but is it something you have to read too?

Does the divinity activation changes your relationship with people for the better?
So for those, do you have to say “activate” to use them or do you use them without saying anything to activate it?

You’re all good. :slight_smile: No, you don’t have to read anything. My intuitive understanding of the reason it’s named that way is because it’s sort of… connected to her book of health set, so it’s like her higher end energy body healing set, since the book of health is for the physical body, and the book of alchemical quintessence heals the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. It comes with three DMs and one that encompasses all three of them, so you don’t have to print and wear all three.

The divinity activation description is a little vague and open to interpretation, but yes I believe it changes your relationship with people for the better. Maitreya also has fields which are specifically for relationships if that’s more your cup of tea. My understanding of Divinity Activation is that its main goal is to be the trauma field, but the one telling the field what to do and helping you process the trauma is your higher self, and it also has other helpful things added like resolving karma for multiple lifetimes.

Also no you don’t have to say activate. It’s automatic. All of her fields are unless the description specifically says otherwise.

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So the book, you don’t have to print all three, just print it as one page?

When you say the divinity activation’s main goal is to be the trauma field, does that mean the divinity activation is the one that helps you deal with the trauma and to heal from it? Does it help you automatically know what to do to heal from the trauma?

Okay, good. I just wanted to make sure when it comes to the description.

I mean I think you can choose between printing all three or just printing the primary one which contains all three within itself. Either way you receive all 4 files if you buy it.

Yes, divinity activation is primarily intended for trauma resolution through your higher self as far as I can tell.

Haha, absolutely!
I have an usb with the Field Emitter around my neck all day. During the day I activate certain files or fields depending on my own needs or outer conditions. I also wear 3 chrysopoeia pendants and several mandalas. I let my intuition guide me to what fields to use.
If I feel annoyed or restless… that’s a sign for me that I’m overloaded. That doesn’t happen that often though.

All in all I’m truly grateful for the experience of using fields and the creators of fields. They have changed my life. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to be mindful of my finances as well haha so I think I’ll be buying either several financial dms or maybe even a custom finance improvement field specifically targeted at giving me enough spending money to purchase all the DMs I want lol…

But seriously I’ve pruned it down to like 6 or 7 DMs I know I’ going to get soon, so I was worried about the possibility of energy overload.

Definitely want to get Geralttt, the Chameleon, Quiet Mind, Epic Life, Brain Reset, The Field Optimizer, Shadow Integration, Ancestral Line Clearing, and Cord Cutting. Also really considering As Tolerant as a Tree, and Beautiful Cloak eventually.

I know I want to have a very strong shielding set, hence the first two I mentioned. Since I’m thinking of buying so many though I’m not sure if it’d be better to just order several customs from etsy instead. For example, I see Quiet Mind, Epic Life and Shadow Integration as a highly potent self sabotage eliminator.

Since you own so many fields, are there any you suggest or recommend as being better than others?

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Just in general, look for a common denominator for certain issues. There’s alot of aha- moments when researching a certain issue from let’s say physical, emotional, spiritual, esotheric angles. It’s really amazing how everything is connected.
For example: I see people complaining that different creators weight loss fields don’t work. If one on an emotional level carry extra weight as a ”protection” or the endocrine system isn’t in balance…. Then some specific limited mechanism field won’t do much.

That’s what I like with Maitreyas creations, they work with the subconscious in a thorough way, smooth and effective at the same time.

With this said… this world of fields is like a candy store, so haven’t always followed my own advice, haha!

I think you already figured all of the above out, though.:wink:


I think for most of my fields I’m going for holding onto them for long enough that the energies integrate into my natural energy fields over time, so like every day for several months at the least. I’m finding over time I feel the fields’ energies maintain themselves automatically more and more, so integration is basically real.

I noticed you said that sometimes you use different field combos on different days. Do you find that you feel that most of your fields have already “integrated” into your natural field of energy? Only answer if you feel like it. :slight_smile: I think particularly I feel that the blueprint/boaq fields maintain themselves naturally overtime for me, and that they actually alter my personality and the way my brain works in a positive way as well.

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Yes there are some fields that I feel are integrated by now. And some fields that are more needed for a certain time in life with certain challenges.
Some fields are nice for enhancing a trait in a challenging situation but not needed every day.
Or I might need some rest from fields for a day or so.
So for example, except for choosing some physical fields, I just tune in on the coming day and by intuition pick some more fields depending on what impressions I receive.

Sometimes connecting with a field for a very short time is enough to sort of crack the code what’s needed within me to solve a topic or get a whole new perspective on something.

A seemingly very small action can take us very far. One single new thought about something can change the whole perception of a problem/topic.

We humans often make the mistake in beleiving that actions or events have to be so extraordinary for them to count. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, that’s great. Thanks for answering my questions.