Group Submissions for Customs?

Another creator is doing submissions via groups where there is a minimum purchase amount, and then members of that group get exclusive access to that field.

Could something like that be done here?

If we can get a certain amount of members here, who can all promise a minimum amount of $$$, can we get custom fields made? They don’t have to be private unless members absolutely insist, I just want a few ideas to be made.

This is advantageous as the site will make a minimum amount of $ on any of these fields, and then they can later be sold to the general public. It also gives a great sample of how many people are willing to buy and what fields may be popular.

Thoughts @Maitreya ?


They literally have a custom field option on their etsy page.


This is a dark system, whereas Maitreya is more focused on light-based approaches. I strongly doubt she would ever go for this.


NFT is Dark System? What does it mean…


Dark is another way to say Service-to-Self. Light is another way to say Service-to-Others. Neither is good or evil, both are simply ways to get things done, or better said, ways to further the work of creation that is ever unfolding. This is the nature of duality, two systems that are opposite of each other.

Anything that focuses on exclusivity, on only the select few, the ‘privileges-ones’ having access while the majority are excluded is a dark system (taking from all of you to give to me/the few of us). Anything that focuses on inclusivity, on all being made available equally to all, is a light system (giving of what we have to everyone).

Again, dark does not mean evil. Do not misunderstand. But, for those who are light polarized, dark ways are often unattractive, foreign, unappealing…and the same goes for light ways for those who are dark polarized.

True divinity is when both operate cooperatively together as brothers, each covering for each other’s weaknesses with their strengths.


Thank you for the explanation. :pray:t2:

So if i eat food is dark? :grin:

For me i see is more like giving people the feeling of being special bcs they feel they “need it” to be different/special unconsciously… and playing with the illusionary world and their perception.

But this its just a POV like all…

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This Another creator seems lost the creativity for new Nfts so banking on the stupid ideas of the users. Good for their business.

Business success is more from giving what people wants, even if is shyt(example tiktok). Not judging them but giving if they want that.

I think it’s fine to be selfish until one does so at the expense or to the detriment of others. As if there are two kinds of selfishnesses. One benign and one malignant. Although, pure neglect at a certain point becomes nearly one with doing harm.

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This is looking like communism, I don’t think in any way that offering benefits to forum members is something coming from an obscure system, forum members even if they don’t buy anything are helping maitreya, they are growing the community and promoting their products, what is the problem of getting something exclusive? It’s an exchange like everything else in life, it has nothing to do with the dark or bright side, it’s the same thing as saying that Maitreya is part of an obscure system because he sells things at high prices that not everyone can buy, which is clearly not true, so what is the difference between this and your argument? People on a low salary can’t buy certain fields, so it’s an obscure system? Life is just like that, we can’t have it all unless we commit to it, compared to shelling out huge amounts what is the cost of interacting on a forum and sharing your experiences? I don’t understand where these experiences are coming from.


Who said anything is a problem?

As for this…

They are made equally available to all, whoever can meet the terms of the agreement, aka “the price”. This is opposed to the other system being discussed, where even if you can meet the price it still will not be sold to you because you are not a part of the special group that was decided in the beginning.

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This is just human perception? Does one Lion eat a gazelle so is a selfish malignant lion?

Everyone can choose always or many times people have the perception they cannot choose? And if so, without the knowledge about if have other options they are malignant because they cause detriment to others? A man who is poor steals bread for his child because the need to eat is malignant in all cases?

Good/bad the eternal debate.

If someone discovers a way to make a bomb that can destroy anything should show it to everyone or it is dangerous because somebody can use it to destroy the world? Should it keep secret better “for the good of all”? Or show to a few people who trust for “the good of all” who he thinks will keep the secret for the good of all, like use the bomb to destroy a meteorite that can erase humans on earth?

Or a king who decides to go to war for “the good of all” thinking is the best to do for his people, but will have many deaths, is it correct? For who? Maybe if one asks him maybe he would say – I don’t want that if was for me… I don’t like to kill people but is for the good of all because if not the others will kill all my people…—- Who is good/bad?

It’s all about perceptions? God / the universe created everything with a purpose? What do we call dark entities maybe have a purpose to make people learn and grow? Is it bad/good?

Someone can have been traveling the astral for many years and say it is totally safe and others say it is dangerous… who is correct? Or it’s just all perceptions?

Someone who says we are in the “malignant” matrix of being slaves is correct? or are our souls who choose to be here with the purpose to experience this world for learning and growth?

Some people say life is bad and others say life is good… then I remember the song…

Life is just life… we can label it how we want and it’s fine… things happen, we learn and keep going… anyone can do what they want accepting the consequences, learning, and so on… others will always label anything one does according to their perceptions… and it’s fine.

Yes, this is just my perception.


Anyway, the forum is not a private place, anyone who wants to enter, so your argument doesn’t fit here.

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This is a fallacy. Good & bad do not exist. They are labels created by humans who do not understand. Hard to wrap your head around, but it is true.

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I wasn’t talking about the forum. We are talking about NFTs vs. Maitreya’s style.

Regardless, I am passing judgment on neither system, I said neither is good or bad, just of opposing polarities.

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Yes, that’s why i mean, is all perception.

Perception mixed with projection. It’s not only what is perceived, but also what is projected onto the other. It’s the thinking of…I’m “good”, therefore you must be “bad”, all because you’re opposite of me. It’s shortsighted, overly simplistic, childish. But, childish thinking is what children do…so learn & grow & move away from childish things.

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That reminds me a book called the way of the projectionist i saw somewhere, maybe i should give it a read.

All form is but a temporary vehicle of soul…we exist beyond all projections of the mind. Thought is a good servant but a terrible master. Now rest, you have done well.