Black Friday and Xmas Sale

Hey, guys!
We release 20% on all stores, because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas :slight_smile: . We released it a bit early because it will take time to ship pendants and people can have them before Xmas. This time of the year is hard for carriers and slowdowns can happen.

The coupon code for Gumroad is: xmasale

On the website and Etsy coupon is applied automatically.

I also wanted to announce that I am working on a little different playlist coming soon for reaching deeper states of consciousness and reaching enlightenment. They will be a little bit different from the things we released till now (you will have to participate with meditation fields), but I bet it will be helpful for you.

On that topic, I wanted to ask all people who want to share - what blockages you sense in yourself that are sabotaging you or making it hard to meditate/change something in yourself? Where do you hit this wall that feels like ‘the final puzzle part’ you are missing to start living you’re true and full potential? Will be happy to hear your stories, so I can make those fields with maximum potential.


For me, it is lack of direction and commitment - but I think that’s starting to get better!


For me there’s self-sabotage…perhaps from subconscious fears of not believing in or not deserving success in different areas. Also a lack of motivation and focus (like an attention deficit disorder) to meditate - maybe from those same fears.


Lack of direction, holding off decision to the very last minute which results to responsibilities getting more and more and then dont know where to start/prioritize

Afraid to do / try something new, i think my mind dont want to leave its comfort zone

Over analyzing things which results to no action taken

Cant focus long enough which results to wasting time

My mind likes to take information(self help) but i cant apply it in my life

Clearing clutter, then after a week they are back again, it seems my mind likes clutter


My blocks seem to come in relation to others. When I am by myself I feel whole, peaceful, grounded, in alignment with Source. When I am around others, be it family, friends, groups… I close down out of fear of how others will perceive me. Conversations that are dualistic in nature and thought are a struggle for me to have and respond to nowadays-- I live my life non-dualistically and a state of “no-mind.” I want to talk from a place of empathy and total non-judgement about why people do what they do and feel how they feel, rather than respond in an egoistic and punitive manner like a lot of people in my life do, but I end up shutting down/going quiet during these kinds of conversations instead.

I know that most of my fear of how people will perceive me if I express myself authentically comes from my family and societal upbringing. I was always told or left feeling that I was too loud, excitable, emotional, should be quiet, not ‘rock the boat’ and so on. Basically, my confidence was whittled away throughout my childhood/adolescence and I became a people pleaser along with a scapegoat in my family-- they always focused on me as being the “problem-child” and projecting their own insecurities and limiting beliefs onto me. I am still living at home for now (for 1-2 years more until I have a stable job following my studies) so I think that because of how inflexible my families’ communication style is and the way they perceive me when I try to express myself from a place of depth, I automatically filter myself presently when conversing with people, even those who may express similar views/on a similar energetic wavelength as myself-- all because of my past and I guess present experiences within my family and experiences in my younger years.

The change I am wanting is to express myself authentically and fearlessly. To let my inner world and state of being show up more in my outer world. To not give a sh*t if people think I’m strange or whatever. To shine my light and express myself as authentically as possible without feeling so bloody guilty for doing so. To stop being a people pleaser, overly apologetic, making myself smaller than I feel internally, etc. To stop feeling so tightly wound around people (I have all the trauma releasing/inner child/grounding/shadow mandalas, audio files, etc by the way and still feeling this way).


I can relate a TON to many aspects of this. Thanks for putting it into words.


By the way, is the patreon discount available on Etsy? It doesn’t seem to work for me

On Etsy the discount is allredy applied, so you don’t need to use codes.


That would be great. :slight_smile:

Thank you Maitreya for the promotions :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you very much for all these news and offers my difficulties in meditation is that I never see anything / I never hear anything / I never feel anything (all from a spiritual / energetic point of view).

It would be easier for me to meditate if it would be easier for me to meditate if I could have spiritual experiences consciously during my meditation,and thus see that I am really doing a real job where I have really real gain.

Thanks @Maitreya eagerly awaiting …

Last sale for this year if someone wants to get some fields :slight_smile:

Gumroad Code:

Website and Etsy automatically applied.

I am wishing all happy Christmas and New year celebrations! :blue_heart: :pray:


Amazing job on the Christmas theme!!


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