Custom Digital Mandalas

Hey, guys!
Till the end of month I will be in the mountains to make some meditations. So not much stuff will be published, but we prepared some through for every 2-3 days. Unfortunately there i have only sometimes internet and for forum will take care, Genius. If there are some needs, questions, problems - contact him. :slightly_smiling_face:

At this time I can prepare 1-2 custom mandalas a day. The product I will publish in the website contains programming of one custom field.

To every custom will be added subconsciousness clearing for your topic specifically and resistance dissolver field.

  1. Be specific for the results you want. If it’s for physical changes add what changes you want to be made. If there needs to be hormones to be changed, better think for a another way.
  2. Send picture you want or we will choose some randomly.
  3. Send 1 and 2 to after you make the purchase with order’s number.
  4. Additionally you can write one good email for your custom for the feelings and thoughts you have on this topic. This will help with making it even better.

Fields that are not much specific will be shared as fields for others.
When my days are filled, I will take down the listing from the website.
Gumroad code it’s still active with 20% off, just to remind. :wink:
Be patient, Mandalas will be ready from 3 to 7 days.


Can you reduce the price to 100 USD please🙏?


Can it be an audio instead of a mandala?


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Enjoy your vacation @Maitreya :hugs:


Hello @Maitreya I ordered a custom mandala. When I sent you an email it was saying the address does not accept mail / my message wasn’t received.

What is the best way to send you my specifications for the custom order I had placed?

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I received that error too. ‘frequencies’ in that email address is spelled wrong, resend to:

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Oh perfect thank you @Onapath ! Did you receive your custom yet?

Not yet. Since Maitreya is away meditating in the mountains, I figure it might take a little longer.

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12 days ago I ordered a personalized mandala from her and I don’t know anything about her, nor does she respond to emails in recent days. Do you know if it’s okay?

Please be patient as we have received a lot of customs so it’s taking time, you’ll get your custom soon.

Please note @Maitreya is still in the Mountains and sometimes there network issues arise. She hardly gets Internet there but rests assured if you order a custom mandala you’ll get it however it may take some delay because of the overwhelming response we received.

Thank you.


I have 2 emails more for custom mandalas and 3 people write here that they have a order. Please, send me again email for any case.


Today i tried to order custom mandala on maitreyastore page but it showed me there is error :slightly_smiling_face:
@Maitreya @Genius

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Hola @Maitreya is this still possible? :heart_eyes:

Hello @Maitreya,

Can you make a field to download the knowledge, skills, experience of a top athlete (specific person) at the highest level in the world?

We can create such field, but as you’re aware, simply having a field from knowledge series isn’t enough. It requires diligent practice for these skills to transition from your cognitive understanding to practical implementation in your body. It’s entirely possible to acquire certain skills intuitively through bodily learning and soon realize that you’ve developed new movements or improved performance.

Sounds good! Gonna do that some later. Thanks for your reply.

This reminds me of when I first got into your stuff on youtube and used your coding knowledge field while I was learning Javascript. I had attempted to learn it a couple times previously, but this time I was willing to put in the work to learn it to completion and I played your field as a supplementary thing because I thought it would be helpful. IT definitely seemed to work WITH my habit of learning, but I don’t feel that I would have just had it downloaded into my brain in a way I could practically use if I didn’t practice at all

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I have received my custom order from Maitreya, and I wanted to comment here about it, as well as to leave a detailed review on her Etsy for it. I don’t know how to properly convey they amount of gratitude I have for her. I feel like I’ve been given my life back.

You would think someone like Maitreya would try to get someone to purchase a lot of fields in order to make money, at least a little bit. But instead, she put every single thing I needed in one custom field, and told me not to buy more for a number of months at least.

If you feel lost in life and/or at rock bottom like I did, I really don’t think you can go wrong with Maitreya. I’d highly recommend for those in situations like I was, to check out her field, Divinity Activation, or to consider a custom field. She goes deep into the core reasons for your personal issues you’re facing, and it helps so much.

Even if you can’t afford anything I genuinely feel that there are several free fields on her store that will be life changing for ANYONE if they just use them.

Seriously, there’s nothing stopping you from going to a library and printing out lucky timeline and innate faith in God right now. Those two fields are completely free and also very strong.

I don’t want to go into too much detail but I really do feel like I got far more than my money’s worth for the 300ish dollars the custom field cost. To be honest, I’d be very satisfied even if I had spent three times that, since she essentially gave me all the effects I asked for in one thing.

She is an extremely kind person and I believe she does what she does out of a real desire to help humanity.

To be honest, her fields are mostly priced too low for what they are. They all work.

I will say that my custom field took about three weeks to be made from the time I ordered it. But honestly, I’m completely okay with that. I can tell that Maitreya and her team have a lot to do, especially recently with transitioning to the DM format for all paid fields.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m trying to sell this or something. I just am very very satisfied with the amount of value I got for the cost of the custom field I bought. I genuinely feel like pretty much any person in the world would be helped by a custom field from Maitreya.

I’ll share one more time here that since I bought my first paid fields from her a month ago, I have gotten a job for the first time in a year, I have lost my ability to feel anxiety in my body, I can sleep at night again, I no longer constantly feel like I am dying or am going to die at any moment, my relationships have been improving, I feel I have been put in a lot of good and lucky situations, and I have hope for my future. Before that, I was having the hardest time I’ve had in my entire life by far.