Superhuman Testosterone Booster - Bodybuilding Series

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This field will boost your Testosterone Levels with up to 300%-500%.

Will promote extremely safe and high androgen receptors sensitivity and density inside the muscles.

Also will inhibit aromatase enzyme and reduce all unwanted estrogens and female hormones for 24-48 hours (Strong Effect).

It will prevent all negative side effects from high hormones, healthy prostate , genitals , glands , scalp and body.

Testosterone will increase during the day for 24-48 hours (Testosterone increasing all day even when you feel tired)

The body recover when cortisol is controlled, balanced and reduced so this production will reduce cortisol to the healthiest level to prevent catabolism and other side effects of high cortisol.


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How’s this different from Greek god testosterone ?

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I have used both. I prefer Greek God - because it feels more balanced to me personally, especially for sexual health/libido. It also keeps the good estrogens for males and not just reduces bad ones like superhuman, but de-signals them. Greek God Androgen receptors are stronger too which is incorporated in the greek version. If you’re looking for just an extremely high testosterone spike without any need of some really good hormone care, then I’d say go for superhuman.


Thank you, seem you try out quite alot things already
Can I use : Greek Good Testoserone + Male Enhancement - Enlargment + Aphrodisiac
Thank you

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Maybe a little :laughing:

And yeah of course, you can combo many of the male fields with Greek Test - it improves everything for me.


Tried this one out today after my recent blood work showed my total T and free T to be quite low for my age. Must say I definitely felt this one working after two listens. Energy and mood increased very quickly. Appreciate the work Maitreya!

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