Personal ET Ponderings

Below is a copy-paste from a post I made on the Sapien forum that has a lot of the relevant bits:

So I’ve never talked about my experiences with this one. Apologies that this will be somewhat long a post, however.

I know for a fact (with the tiniest wiggle room for doubt just in case but I’ll back this up in a second) that theres a connection with me and extraterrestrials. See, my mom’s had experiences with greys (which could be anyone from anywhere I’d guess from my limited “knowledge” on these matters) and aliens that show themselves to her in dream state also in human form, and twice or possibly three times, can’t remember, as a female with golden skin.

Now here’s where we get to the me backing up that bit I said, which is that they have told her that they had some hand in my being born. Not sure in what capacity. My mom is more psychically gifted than I am, I have some abilities and experiences but they’re different and fewer in number (but arguably more intense and extreme, but that’s very relative and not important); I’m not like her.

The concept of a starseed always resonated although I was wary of it just being a “wanting to feel special” ego type of thing until my mom came out to me about her experiences. (She also believes she had an implant in her neck and that it allowed her to see what looked like cloaked beings and some other visual phenomena I can’t remember currently, then after a surgery she thinks it broke or something because the experience stopped.)

There’s a weird dynamic that’s been going on where they will communicate to me through her dreams. I don’t dream often, even using my lucid dreaming extra strength field on Gumroad and stuff. It’s kind of random when I dream and 80% of the time is weird stuff like doing kamehamehas and being like a Dragon Ball Z character during a zombie apocalypse setting or something. But my first big alien intercession moment happened when I looped higher self connection like 10 times, then tap into the collective consciousness and finally alien intercession and I asked what I should do with my life and THAT SAME NIGHT a golden skinned alien female in my mom’s dream said “Alex needs to get back to helping”, something I’ve yet to fully decode, but isnt important to get into here.

I’ve had a bunch of crazy stuff happen randomly when this field is involved. Like one time I had put my lighter in a very specific pocket because it wasnt mine and I had made it a mission all day, successfully I might add, to keep track of it because, again, not mine. After alien intercession 3x or so I went outside to my ex’s car to look for something, felt something shift in that pocket, immediately checked and my lighter wasnt there and ended up somehow being in her jacket that she hadn’t even touched all that day. I took it to be a joke and a “yes Alex we do exist” type of situation.

I also asked for a UFO encounter and I was pretty positive something strange I saw was one. Not 100% but it looked like a star, was pretty close to the ground for an aircraft, hovering, moved one direction towards the sky, did a 90 degree turn another way and moved a lot faster and kind of just disappeared. Didn’t see a physical object on the light, just the light.

One time my mom as I was playing it a lot around a certain time and I was inquiring into where “my people” (lol) are from and my mom had a dream that was extremely vivid depict that, in energetic form, we are the same person in a sense split into two, and apparently the origin is what she said was displayed spelled out visually in a word to be (she swore this was it at the time but now isn’t sure) “Borron” which my digging around has turned up absolutely zero answers for me. I thought possibly boron could be an answer in code? Boron has the atomic number of five. Well, look at an atom visually as a solar system, that would imply five planets. If the asteroid belt were still a planet (I subscribe to the idea that it was once a planet) that would be #5.

This is an awesome field and tool. If anyone possibly might could offer any insight that would be lovely. I believe I’ll probably have answers revealed more to me in time but anything involving gold skinned aliens or if Boron/Borron means anything, do throw out something to me.

Oh another random puzzle piece. One dream she had was being told I have some… possibly other-dimensional “child” or something on my side, so to speak, now and used the term “kuman thong”.

“Kuman means sanctified young boy, thong means golden.”


She sounded pretty certain this being’s name is Stark and believed it was supposed to help bring about better luck/things to come about.

Veeery interesting things indeed. I’ve got to get better about meditating and being good at the types of things you guys are to get better tapped into things so I can possibly better figure things out for myself. Still, any input at all would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m pondering utilizing the different meditation fields to see if anything comes about that way. Always felt a tug towards Andromeda and, to a lesser degree, Arcturus. Also inner earth, which I suppose in rank would be between the other two in terms of personal resonance. I just haven’t felt any kind of pull anywhere in specific even the many times I’ve really tried to ponder and feel into the different possibilities.

Just kind of putting this here as well in case anyone here is down for discussion, questions or, most sought after of all, some insight on anything would be GREATLY appreciated.

I’m not under any sort of impression that theres dark motivations or anything, and I’m aware that entities can appear in different forms and be sneaky and all that. I haven’t had anything but positive and revelatory experiences with these beings but there’s still a ton of unanswered questions. I know more will surface in due time and all that good stuff but, idk, just figured I’d roll the dice here, so to speak. If nothing else, I like aliens and talking about stuff like that is cool :smiley: lol

Edit: Additional visual information.

Gold skinned aliens look human like with slight differences and golden skin. Will update this later upon receiving further clarification. Also only their necks/heads were seen, nothing about the rest of their bodies are known, as far as my mom’s dreams and seeing them. I’ve had a… weird experience once myself that involves me “seeing” a gold skinned alien as well but mine was closer to the grey sort of body proportions and qualities and such. So, some sort of confusion there.

Also one time my mom had a dream of a blue skinned alien who…

I just scrolled down some Google searched images and she said that was the closest to what she saw. Which makes me lean towards, Arcturians? Unfortunately she can’t remember the content of said dream. Just the being

Also she notes a huge loving presence from the gold skinned ones, the blue one less so (not saying shes saying he was “bad”, just lacked that divine loving energetical presence that seeps into your pores lmao, so to speak)


I believe that there are more starseeds here than we realize and what we think of as “aliens” aren’t as one dimensional as portrayed in mainstream media. There are many different races and many from different dimensions. Often the beings from higher dimensions choose to reincarnate here to help humanity as a whole, either by helping directly and/or by acting as vibrational beacons to raise the vibration of everyone around them and the world.
I’ve also had a wonderful experience with Sapien Medicine’s Alien Intercession, I felt connected to my cosmic family again. I also feel very drawn to the golden skinned triangle headed beings that Corey Goode mentioned. They feel like home. Here is an illustration of them he had commissioned


Figured I’d finally add more lol.

I agree 100% on all of that. And I think that gold alien looks super cool and a bit more unique in appearance than all the generics I’m currently aware of (I think that until I’m aware of the contrary I must say think our galaxy or logos or whatever could have been a little more creative but it’s no big deal lol)

The goldies on my end look more like… well, in my mom’s dreams they look more like…

When I saw one one time, and bear in mind the validity of this is questionable (possible hallucination/not real but I lean towards real for reasons but lack certainty) I like… I saw a cross between golden Freeza and a grey, kind of. He was cool and I felt like I knew him.

I looove Corey and David. I know theres controversy and such but many signs and things through my life have steered me the direction of those two and what they do and say and stuff to the point that I feel like I’ve been guided and should just roll with following them and seeing how everything pans out.


Meanwhile nothing new as to my people. Though a week or two ago I used alien intercession and asked them specifically for something that would make for a cool story to tell one of best friends (and to just have in general to tell)

Next day or two mom picks me up from work and we get home to see her 3 crystals moved from their place on a shelf onto a chair

Feels good man

Now to just have my request for being able to chill with (an) alien(s) in the physical and talk about cool stuff and do cool stuff

(For the record yes my thoughts and expectations are realistic, I’m exaggerating silliness lol)


Okay, so, finally an update.

  1. Used alien intercession a week or so ago to attempt to communicate that I give permission to them to do whatever they want (which I’m comfortable with since that field only works with positive ET’s) and an increase in minor activity has occurred, mostly centered on me, i.e. synchronicity that I suspect can be connected to them.

  2. Few days ago I saw/had a vision(?) one or two tall greys in the same manner I saw my gold one. Imagine a 2D image that fades in to your view/vision that is not localized in 3D space. If that makes sense. There are factors that make it possible though that it could be nothing (I was kind of… not quite sober, but I find it interesting and of note that I dont think anything alien related was on my mind at the time. Or… maybe it was. But this is not a phenomenon I typically experience. Last time was over a year ago.)

  3. Mom had a dream she was in some sort of craft in space and I was in a black space suit “looking for my place.” Then eventually I “found my place” and moved towards a white (presumably giant, but she isnt sure on its size for lack of anything around or knowledge of her distance) artificial looking sphere (I think she said it was metal or something that made it look to be clearly not natural). Not much else in the way of information other than that

None of this really gives me any answers, but it’s something, at least.


Hey. I’m a starseed. There are millions of us here now. It’s just a knowing inside… when you wake up.

If your mom was implanted by the Arcturians I can guarantee it was for good reason. They are great healers and one of the many species trying to help humanity.

Perhaps I’ve said too much. Whatever. It’s allllll real.

What’s alien intercession? It sounds like something something I’d like to try.



Stop confusing mental images it reality, stop thinking what your will wants because it can be untrue. Train to know things by seeing if it’s true by knowing their base and why or you will not ever know regret.

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Would the arcturians by chance use greys? Since I believe that they’re used as a way to do things through them without needing to go there physically yourself

I appreciate your input and point of view but believe me I apply proper discretion and need substantial enough proof, coincidence and sense-making before really believing in something. Same way I approached fields. Theres more to this than mentioned.

You wouldn’t have said that if you didn’t care enough to provide that input to hopefully keep me from doing all that so I appreciate it!

I’ve heard of Grey’s working with reptilians and insectoids…, but not Arcturians. Keep in mind there are sooooo many different types of Grey’s… not just the ones who typically abduct for genetic materials (cause they’re dying). Apparently they can travel through 12 dimensions with their tech.

There are also very spiritually evolved Grey’s out there.


Well I’ve heard a theory where some greys, typically the short ones, are either like bio-androids, or they’re like grown and can be piloted in a sense by inserting one’s consciousness or something into it

Figured that’s a relatively common practice among more advanced civilizations, makes sense as a good way to not risk oneself going out somewhere to do something

Well, I feel like the greys mom saw in her room twice as a kid might be either that or perhaps a form assumed by a not-grey that would be more easy for her to accept as “typical alien” back when she was less knowledgable of things

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Hey the Grey’s could be working for anyone. I suppose anything is really possible. Who knows how much of the info we get is actually valid?

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I was just gonna PM it now that I remembered you asking buuut its rather relevant and of anyone else learns of it through this thread then that’s a good thing IMO especially if it has anything to so with a worthwhile experience stemming from that field in some way

Also will put it in the first post as well


I tried it last night and nothing happened. I played it over and over…


Also… I have a friend who believes the Grey’s work for the plaiedians… so there is that. Maybe the Arcturians too?

I believe they aren’t robots though… they just lack emotion and to us it seems robotic. Were full of emotion and they don’t get it… just like we don’t get them having none.

Stop thinking mental images are outside your head.

Not robots


Literally creating a body in which you’re able to take it over and use it

And have it very obedient in some way so you could send them out and they’ll do whatever you tell them to do

Like, say, go to a crazy A F 3D planet full of 8 billion beings who do horrible things to each other and recently developed nuclear weaponry

There’s an example in one of my more recent posts I can think of where I’m pretty sure what you said was a thing. Either way, part of the fun is learning discernment and stuff. Plus there’s the fact that with certain beings like sufficiently advanced and developed extraterrestrials, the line between “my head and the things in it” and other things such as something or someone having the capability of telepathy or some way where they could, for an easy example, get you to think a thought or something

I’m learning; it’s coo

I mean, I don’t even know if that’s possible but it could be. I’ve heard the Grey’s don’t worry so much bout death cause they’re more than aware of reincarnation so it explains why they don’t fear this place too much lol.

Have you been thinking that you can lie so masterfully to yourself that you aren’t even aware?

I mean I can be technical and say that everything about a person’s reality is a self deception.

But yes I do take it that far; I mean I won’t mind being right or wrong about anything. It just doesn’t hurt in the case of, say, playing a field and asking a question and someone saying they had a dream that very same night of someone addressing me and my question, to think theres a real and valid correlation there. Theres some things I’ve mentioned and not mentioned I admit totally could be just be me, and there are things I waited months for and tried to repeatedly see something happen a certain way before I allowed myself to really say “okay this might really be valid”

I won’t say I’m immune to the problem or that I’m a pro at working around how easy self deception can take over but it is a thing I keep in mind and have had to admit to myself a few times as having gotten the better of me