Frequency Extractor – Master Mandala

This field is made for people who already have some experience or knowledge with frequency. You need to know the right frequency you want to affect your bodies so you can use this properly. It works with command to put … /111 frequency/ in your body and it will work for 20 minutes with this effect. After that you can re-activate it with the same or with another.

Frequency is everything so you can use this tool to heal your body, to kill bacteria, viruses, clean parasites… You can use it to get in higher vibrations, to manifest things in your life… and many more. With this tool you can do everything, just need some creativity and knowledge of what frequency you need exactly.

Bloodline protection. Family members can use it.

Command: You can use it on your language / or English: Put the frequency “111” in my whole being.


A rife machine in a mandala :grinning:


This just works only with rounded numbers?
There are some interesting frequencies with decimals.


Woah! Please do not sleep on this Mandala. That means do not pass this one up lol. Amazing idea

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Please excuse my French! Holy Fucking Shit!!!
Honestly I was not looking to make anymore big purchases but why in the holy hell would I pass this up?

@Mandalo All frequencies will work.

Little story:
At the age of about 20 or so when I was smoking a bunch of weed back in my younger years. I was already tuned into the way things are. I did not know it at that point but I was functioning at a higher place than most at my age. I though of writing a book called " Freaking off the Frequencies". Even back then I knew what was up with frequencies and how it was all energy. Now this!

I mean I could buy a spooky 2 machine yes but for some reason it never fully resonated. This on the other hand is major major major. Okay I really need to give mad props to Maity and the team for this GEM. Thank you for your innovation and hard work.

Anyone notice the price wink wink.


Works with any number and frequency :slight_smile:


Can we do multiple frequency at once with this?





I bought this book years ago and literally had no idea what to with it all this time until this very moment. Lol


That part!

For Covid

You have this in Spooky2 reference list:
Corona Virus

Another link with some interesting frequencies.

Get some!

The Lost Cubit produces a frequency of 177mhz, which is the harmonic frequency of spiritual reality.

The Empowerment Cubit produces a frequency of 188mhz, which is the harmonic frequency of the pineal gland and inter-dimensional reality.

Sacred Cubit produces a frequency of 144mhz which is the harmonic frequency of physical reality.

  • 174 Hz – Considered to be a natural anesthetic. It can remove physical and energetic pain and karmic energy. Deeply healing for the organs.

  • 285 Hz – Said to be directly connected to our blueprint for optimal health and physical wellbeing. Promotes the healing of damaged tissue and internal organs.

  • 396 Hz – Has the ability to cleanse guilt and fear, enabling us to achieve goals. This frequency is also great to help ground, centre and re-stabilise.

  • 417 Hz – This frequency can facilitate change, bringing someone closer to Spirit and helping them return to their life’s purpose. It can cleanse traumatic experiences and influences.

  • 528 Hz – DNA repair and transformation. Healing our DNA increases our life energy, gives us clarity of mind, greater awareness, creativity and opens us to deep spiritual experiences. When used in conjunction with clear intention and channelling, this frequency can have the ability to bring about miracles.

  • 639 Hz – This frequency can facilitate deep connection by enhancing understanding, tolerance, and love. It is fantastic for helping to solve relationship issues and can also encourage cells to better communicate with their environments.

  • 741 Hz – Great for cleansing toxicity and electromagnetic radiation from the cells. Can also clear viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. It encourages us to lead healthier, simpler, more spiritually-aligned lives.

  • 852 Hz – Stimulates the third eye chakra, inner strength, and self-realization by dissolving the energetic blockages that hinder communication with our higher self, spirit guides and spirit helpers.

  • 963 Hz – Connected with Spirit and the return to oneness, this tone can awaken any system to its original, perfect state.


You can use several frequencies at once, but it takes at least 1 minute to wait for the next one to activate. It is good to consciously work with this mandala and to feel the effects, the frequency you get.

No need to feel the effects for minutes, just recognize the energy that you receive.


Maybe someone want’s to try 1925hz and report how it feels.

Color Frequency (THz) Wavelength (nm)
Red 400-484 620-750
Orange 484-508 590-620
Yellow 508-526 570-590
Green 526-606 495-570
Blue 606-668 450-495
Violet 668-789 380-450

And what is this frequency?

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