The same dramas

Everything I’ve been reporting in recent years on this forum, it seems that it’s always the same thing, problems with entities and curses, when I just think that everything is over I see that in reality nothing is over, I don’t practice black magic, I don’t do dubious spells, I don’t do subliminal frequencies or morphic fields from unknown creators, but this shit just never stops. I just have bizarre dreams a few days a month, they’re a little different, they don’t scare me as much as the ones in the past, but they’re extremely gross and disturbing, so gross I’d rather just not say what they are. If I try to investigate the situation and fight back my whole family starts dreaming that members are dead or injured, or there is just going to be some accident wherever they go, this simply cannot be my paranoia as all the family members dream about it. It turns out that everything is always fine and nobody gets hurt, it seems that these entities don’t have the power to really exercise their dominion over me, so they use external devices to reinforce their false authority, they can’t hurt me, but it seems that they still can somehow way to bring bad luck into my life, everything I try seems to work in the first few days, then just stagnate or go wrong, the first month I moved here I worked as a street vendor, it’s a great opportunity for anyone works locally, I just dressed poorly, had no equipment, knew nothing about the subject, and it still sold very well, but after that sales just dropped and they don’t come back! I started to dress much better than all the other sellers in the region, I researched the tips of the biggest sellers on youtube and everything they did and simply nothing works anymore, I can’t have the same income I had before. One way or another something always takes me back to the sales business, even if I just don’t want to do it anymore, when I use some morphic field for employment or money I’m taken back to sales commission related job opportunities, even if it just doesn’t work! I was trying to work with ifood but my bike got a flat tire, it’s very difficult to find a job opportunity and when I find just anything wrong, I get fired without just cause or explanation of what I did wrong, bad coincidences just happen in the small things, in the end all I have left is to ask my mother for some money to buy sweets to go back to the street vendors.

I would recommend Shielding 3.0 and Astrological from Sapien. But since this is a forum for Maitreya field, I would not go into details about my experience.

The most effective shield I’ve ever used is the adaptive shield, but even that doesn’t completely solve the problem, and it’s exhausting to use for long periods of time. I’ve tried most of the Sapiens and Maitreya videos, DR Virtual 7, all the prayers, breaking curses, and nothing can keep these entities away, morphic fields or subliminal audios seem ineffective for exorcisms and curses as they never show real results, I believe that the only thing that can solve this is a real person indeed, an expert magician. I went to a spiritual center and they told me that there really is a magic made for my family, however they said that the disobsessions during this year have already been closed and they will only be able to do the process in the middle of January! Things like “bad coincidences” always happen. Someone just took my job vacancy 1 day early, it’s just that I’m too late, always arriving too late to do anything. However, I can’t wait until mid-January to resolve this, nothing I do relieves the symptoms, on the contrary they only get worse, this entity simply wants to possess me, after so many years living with it I can feel the kind of energy it has. it wants to pass, it is an energy of total stagnation, it wants to paralyze me, it wants me to stop trying to do anything because nothing will work, my spiritual power has grown enormously in the last few months, but not even that manages to keep this entity away, I will go to another center spiritual because I can’t wait any longer to sort this out.

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Have you tried st cyprian black magic Removal and Ancestral Line clearing?