Finally bought some nice premium fields

So today I caved and bought the book of alchemical quintessence and SBR No More limits removal.

I’m kind of blown away by how well they work. I mean my intuition was going OFF about buying the SBR especially, but um… These are probably the best working fields I’ve ever used, just from day 1. I think the mixture of the two of them for my severe OCD is really making me wonder whether I’ll have severe OCD anymore by the end of the month.

Time to share a little backstory, which I hope isn’t too much information but I feel it’s necessary to convey how well these work. About a year and a half ago I found a lump on my back and thought I was going to die. It took me awhile to go to the doctor… maybe because my sense of self-preservation isn’t as high as it should be, but when I finally did a year later, it turned out I was fine.

The problem is, I have bad mental health and I obsess over things, and I already had sort of built up that anxiety and dread that I might not make it. And I’ve also been VERY into manifestation for the past 4 years so I thought that because I had believed I was going to die, I would die. (I now get that that’s not necessarily how it works, but I feel like I’ve been locked in a cycle of dread over this for like three straight months, and this is after me having a similar obsession for the previous three years about thinking my partner was going to die from my thoughts. OCD sucks!)

At this point I’m kind of in the present and even though I can tell that I’m probably not going to die because I’m still here day after day, I haven’t been able to get the feeling to go away. So I suspected it was an issue either with my subconscious mind, my etheric body, or my root chakra, or just all of the above. Basically trauma compounding.

Well it’s been a couple hours since I purchased these fields and I feel such a sense of safety and general okay-ness that I forgot existed… It’s felt like I’ve been in a nightmare for the past three months and now it’s starting to feel a little bit less like that.

I mentioned to my partner how well the fields are working and that I’d be keeping an eye on how they work for the next week… and it hit me and made me want to cry. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve been able to think about what will happen a week from now without proceeding to think, “But I may not be alive in a week.” I was doing everything I possibly could mentally, spiritually, and physically to fight these kinds of thoughts but they just kept relentlessly assaulting me… and now it’s getting better.

Thanks Maitreya.


Congratulations on your new fields. Best wishes for your result. :innocent:

Glad to know, it’s getting better for you.


We’re so happy for you!! Your story made me tear up a bit, as I went through something similar to your journey and Maitreya’s fields have helped me immensely also. There’s nothing better than reading about someone’s success at finding inner peace. You deserve it! :blush::heart:


Glad to hear about your success keep it up! :magic_wand:


Thank you all for your words of encouragement. They mean so much.

I have more to share. I had not grasped the depths of how profound these fields truly were yesterday when I wrote my review on them. I have them in my pocket now, laminated, and I will probably carry them around on me indefinitely.

It may sound bizarre but I feel that the consciousness of the fields speaks with me and has a strong effect on on reasoning and consciousness overall. Right now I am feeling a profound sense of peace because these fields have helped me come to an acceptance of a much deeper unresolved issue.

I have realized that whether it is tomorrow, next year, or in one hundred years, I am going to one day die. Obviously I will. Everyone who has ever lived has one day died. If I were to get to 70 or 80 or 100 years old I would always inevitably want more life and be terrified of what comes next. If I can face it now fully I may have learned an important lesson for my current incarnation.

Today I fully believe these fields have been responsible for helping me to accept this without resistance.

That I will one day die, and therefore life is a precious thing and should be used wisely as a tool for growth on my own path and helping others on theirs. Indeed, if I can help other people, then none of the pain I have experienced will be meaningless, and that is very important to me.

I can’t explain how profound these fields are (especially SBR no more) for helping me to be able to accept that on my own and without resistance. I am well aware that we continue in some form after this life, but I received a mental image today of what death really is in the form of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Death is synonymous with metamorphosis.

If anyone is considering these fields I would highly recommend it. I intuitively feel that it is the SBR No More helping me with these new levels of consciousness, and the Book of Alchemical Quintessence helping me to accept these lessons without fear (and also removing the underlying sense of dread and despair I’ve been carrying around with me for months). Both are so beyond worth it. In fact, I haven’t been able to fully describe all the benefits I’m seeing from these fields because so many of them are on a subconscious level or are subtle and seem to increase over time with integration.

I apologize for being so wordy, but I really want people out there to know if someone is going through something similar that these really actually help. I wish Maitreya’s site had a place to leave field reviews… (or maybe im just missing it lol)


I have experienced similar incidences as you. for me, it was lipoma to lower right side ribcage, I used to fear of cancer. I have lived with sleep paralysis attacks which used to be disturbance in my mental state on long run. Many nights, I used to wake up with attacks, stroke like situations, low belief that I will see another day…

the more death experiences it gave, the more life purpose and goal got stronger.

You not dying without completing your life purpose , Universe is working with you through these fields, Amor yourself and rise up like Phoenix which even might have experienced thousand of deaths… We all going to die sometime , but not so soon… it’s our life goal completion, that will keep us immortal , and our soul will live in our legacy and immortality.

Long Live Brother :sun_with_face:


I’m very happy that you’ve overcome your fears and your condition has improved so that you can live now normally!


I wanted to update this thread now that it’s been roughly a month of using this fields daily.

I had been unemployed for a year because my mental health was so bad. I now have a job that I enjoy.

I thought I was going to die. I’m still alive and starting to believe I have a future again.

I felt high adrenaline and cortisol constantly. Couldn’t consume caffeine at all. I had quit entirely because it would give me panic attacks if I had any and I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

I can now drink three cups of strong black coffee a day, and feel nothing but the energy boost. Not even a little bit of cortisol.

I can’t say for sure that these results are all from these two fields in particular. I purchased more fields from Maitreya and have definitely been trying as hard as I can to get my life together.

But it seems to be working.

It’s not entirely fixed yet by any means. But Maitreya’s stuff works better than literally anything I’ve ever tried before.




I Love the premium Fields, hell I Love all the feilds from MF’s store! From zero to 222$ I have many and yes I agree,indeed they are powerful, powerhouses.
The combo Remove J Seals, Soul Contract Revocation and Thought forms and Parasite removal for example, to me go together like Hand in Glove. I Have the RSB: Ancestral & DNA Blocks remover, Remove Subconscious Blocks,etc. all worth every penny! Bless and Light to ya Fella and More Power to ya,stay enecouraged your’re on the right path ! :slight_smile: