Fields that open your heart

I’m listening to the book “The untethered soul” and it mentioned that when the heart is always opened, you gain unlimited internal energy (as opposed to using environmental energy source in most fields) and you’ll be opened to love, inspiration and enthusiasm. Are there available fields that do that?


Does this keep your heart opened?


Thinking more about it, I guess you can’t force the heart to always be opened since it depends on your choice of reactions to life circumstances. If you can’t freely choose your reactions, it will be tough to keep it always opened.

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Moldavite and Emerald are each very good for this.

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I can think of a few who could help with this goal.

  1. The Great Compassion Mantra Audio
  2. Christ Consciousness Audio
  3. The six Perfections Audio
  4. Naturally the unconditional love audio and in the broadest sense the aproaching nirvana - the four noble truths audio.