Thinking like a beginner

If you were just starting out, or knew someone in this situation, what would be the best fields for general improvement?

universal cleaner


Really depends on the person really, everyone has problems they deal with. They could be really good on one area but they do terrible in another


field booster, three treause (energy increaser), the new qi gong something that works on chakra. First the “new” user should build his bodies and clean all unnecessary stuff.


Yes, but I am saying something that would help in the results of general fields and so on.

U mean in terms of getting results or their improvement as a person? I’d probably tell them that they should listen to something that gives them a good hormone balance, a lot of people feel bad and hormones can play a part in that, otherwise I’m not too sure on what would be good for everyone, because some people are already productive, some are already confident, u know

I’ve been playing universal cleaner every night since it came out. Not sure if I’ve noticed much change. What have you noticed?

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Also not too much except a bit release.

This doesn’t matter.

(it’s still working even when you don’t “feel” it)

I think a clearing protocol is the best for any beginner, because sometimes audios don’t work or results are slow due to blockages. It is always better to work on a blank canvas than one with stains.
In addition, both energy blockages and certain beliefs can promote the development of diseases.

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What sort of clearing?

I think spiritual healing is important and encompasses a lot… like it will help in all avenues… money, relationships, self image etc… I advice opening up your heart space… heart-dearmoring… maybe feminine archtype (not the archtype series) also. universal clearing/114 chakras/eternal cleaner… etc…

All levels: mind, chakras, emotional, physiological… You could try Maitreya’s Eternal Clearing, it is very complete.

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