Field Storage

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I have bought the 36 hours storage field and I want to gain some knowledge from you guys.

I have two questions :grinning:

  1. If you ever heard of Programmed_Intention

Can I store his fields on a metal using the field storage?

  1. What’s the limit for how many metals you can carry? For example, can I make 2 metals both 9 fields stored in them (that’s 18 fields all together)?

I have used some YouTube Sapien medicine fields for weight loss and tested them on the field storage field, they didn’t work :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t lose any weight in the 36 hours.

Thank You All and I hope you answer my 2 questions

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1 - yes you can use the products of programmed intentions, because the storage captures the energy and not the audio donation.

2 - There is no general limit, you can make (use metals) as many as you want. Your limit will be the amount of energy (energy fields) your body can handle.

3 - There are already several storage discussions where the answers to these questions have been given. I understand you don’t read all the comments, but please don’t multiply the threads that already exist one or more times elsewhere on this forum. S If you have any questions (no matter if their topics have already been answered) please ask them in the existing threads of the corresponding topics.

4 - You say that you had no results with some audio from other creators. Using maitreya fields in addition / in parallel or as a replacement should give you good results.Good luck


How about ?

there is energy in these products, and the themes addressed do not interest me so much from a personal point of view, so I do not use them, I I have more than enough with all the creators of Subtle energies (they cover almost all subjects and all needs and with enough power).

The link shared above points to a page out there is a lot of audio-visual and written testimonials, so I imagine you already have your own opinion and that is surely objective.

If you want to dig deeper and deeper into the topic with all members of the community, there is a discussion about other manufacturers in the forum …

Finally I don’t know exactly how this designer makes these products, but I have heard that he does a good job, even though I personally find these energies a little weak for my personal use.


You can store directly any frequency or sound energy in metals.
No affirmations or subliminals except you use the energetic convertor field.