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Hi, just a field request for a sex god field would be really nice. Also gonna post some results I’ve gotten from field off gum road: recently I bought antivirus and speed reading and I’ve gotten amazing results from them. I was sick and anti virus cleared that up after a few days of use. I’ve also noticed my ability to retain and use information has gone up. I’ve only used for about 3 days will update more as time goes on.


there is a chat queue for any kind of request … just a piece of information if people don’t know

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What characteristics do you have in mind for a sex god audio?

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harder erections, never gets erectile dysfunction, last longer, higher libido, dominance, using the other persons ideal amount of dirty talk/ dominance, using the other persons ideal foreplay, maybe a sexual aura that turns the girl on more, higher psychological and psychical arousal towards you in the other person, bringing out a strong emotional aspect in sex/ a strong connection feeling aspect, girl gets stronger faster orgasms , good oral skills, bigger penis, no anxiety or nervousness, a very calm/present in the moment state, good foreplay calibration skills, adding a variety to intercourse so it’s not the same thing. That’d be a amazing field I’d instantly buy


Just saw there’s a section for field request too sorry about that

Haha, no problem.
I think this one will be awesome for both male and female.
If you guys want, describe one audio for male with all the benefits and one for female and we will create that for you. :pray:


Haha well I guess for male the stuff what I wrote sounds good idk if anyone has anything they’d like to add. For female some ideals from a guys perspective would be:
Ideal foreplay for guy, aura that turns the guy on psychically and psychologically, Tighter vagina, adding a variety to intercourses to keep things interesting, good oral skills, adding a strong emotional aspect to sex/ a strong connection feeling aspect, girl cums faster (to turn the guy on more) increased libido, gives the guy intense orgasms. Just some ideas If any girls wanna add their ideal things like I said I’m not a girl just wanted to give a guys perspective haha


It is not something I would use at the moment, but support.


In the men bundle can you please include something so the women have the orgasm first during the intercourse. Something so she can enjoy and be satiafied.

You can add dry orgasm/multiple orgasm ability for men as described my Mantak Chia.

very short refractory period.

God I am so excited about this field.

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Respected ladies in the forum can contribute in the men bundle by suggesting what they like.

dude if the other person is a lady, “the ideal amount” is usually “whatever the moment feels like”. So maybe the field can include a psychic ability. And about the “foreplay”, that’s a retarded misconception of our society. "Fore"play is terribly named and advertised by the media. Yeah give it some time to warm up, but that doesn’t mean the “play” should end once the “2nd phase” starts. There’s no freaking division and I am happy to rage against society on this matter.

@Maitreya I heard that some couples get high, like really really high during sex. Psychedelics level high with visuals and stuff. There’s some “spiritual science” behind that too; it happens when you both feel as one completely. Like super integration with your mind, body, and soul altogether, causing a synergistic energy exchange. So maybe that might be a nice feature.

Btw, the rumor is that the mental state is lost if the man ejaculates. I found it during my semen retention research, but haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet.


from here I got the idea haha

this is another, if possible it would be worth gold.

read the first chapters to see what the benefit is

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wtf matteee… you also read manhwas??? Thats crazy , you read his place and stepmothers friends?

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yeah and many more haha

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I think this is a great idea. For the female version it be nice if it included sensitising the g-spot for women that can’t climax during intercourse and a tighter vagina. I think it would be awesome if you included mastering the skills of ‘pompoir’ as no one has ever included this in a field or subliminal anywhere! It would be very unique and amazing if women were more easily able to perform this.

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Yeah that’s why it’s typed as ideal… everyone’s different and likes different things in the bedroom so it being the other persons ideal foreplay is catered to the person your with and what they like how much etc. a psychic ability like that would be cool tho


Hopefully this field includes a male organ sensitizer, semen volume, teste size increase. @Maitreya

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Seminal Vesicles growth

Won’t sensitization be cause premature ejaculation?