Field Request: Leadership Skills

@Maitreya @Genius once we take the path of serving others, it means we become leaders, at least in the current structure of the world we live in. Therefore, I think leadership traits (with integrity) are essential for all of us whether or not we realize it. Hence, comes the request;

Active Listening
The average active listening span is around 15 seconds unless individuals make a conscious effort, and even then it’s about 2-3 minutes. 3 minutes is actually really good because we take turns in conversations anyway.

Leading With Questions
It’s more effective to ask the questions that’ll navigate the follower to his/her desired outcome than simply telling them what to do.

Confidence & Self Motivation
This one doesn’t really need much of an explanation.

Some people are task-oriented, and this makes it difficult to serve the followers even when the leader has good intentions. So, a good leader must be people-oriented.

Emotional Stability / Zen Attitude
Unshakable calmness and courage at the same time. Surprise us.

Problem Solving
See the solutions.

Self Discipline / Self Optimization
I’ll add the tips later.

Decision Making
I’ll add the tips later.

Ability to delegate successfully
Recognizing the competence level of the followers and utilizing situational leadership skills.

High-level leaders are as humble as it gets.

I’ll add the tips later.

Compassion / Care for Others
I’ll add the tips later.

Add your thoughts.




Right on! I added it to the main post.

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  1. Leadership Genes rs4950 (See QI)
  2. Eloquent & Fearless Public Speaker
  3. Clear, Sharp, Precise and Insightful Communication
  4. Insightful, Actionable Ideas that always yield best results for each situations
  5. Strong Body Language & Tonality that commands respect, garner attention and inspire confidence.
  6. Unlimited Energy
  7. Unstoppable Work Ethics
  8. Quick-Witted (+ Ability to handle any situation with smarts / elegance)
  9. Good/Strong Sense of Humour ( Can tell jokes yet still remain elegant)

New Update
10. Instinctively & instantly acquire knowledge, skills, and experience to become the best leader in any situation throughout life. (All aspects of leadership like communication, emotional engagement, achieving outcomes etc)


These days will work on this one.
Now is the time if anyone have more cool suggestions :slight_smile:


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  1. Great negotiation skill
  2. Great networking skill
  3. Cultural sensitivity (many leaders these days work in a culturally diversed environment)
  4. Creative and innovative
  5. Combine with DM - Master Strategist
  6. Great understanding of finances
  7. Entrepreneur mindset

Strong Persuasion
King/Queen archetype integration (Either both or just the one for your specific gender)
Honor all your promises
Never make promises you know you can’t fulfill


I love 3 of them, but respectfully I’d vote for eliminating “strong persuasion” and “King/Queen archetype”.

Persuasion sounds like a type of control, and in my perspective of leadership, leaders should not drag people around. They just run and the followers run with the leader(s) because they enjoy the journey.

And Kings/Queens archetypes are too vague. Too open to different interpretations. This world has seen way too many kings.

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My favorite thought leader on the topic of leadership is Simon Sinek. He has some truly amazing talks on YouTube on this topic. Perhaps insert a copy of his knowledge/wisdom/skills from a copy of his consciousness, like you did with the Speed Reading field?

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But simon sinek is not a leader… Its like saying add jim rohn…

The king/queen archetype is the one that maitreya made a field for already. I was just saying it should be included.