DM: The Leadership Gene

⁃ rs4950 genotype activation & expression (leadership gene)

⁃ activate Archetype: The King (without the shadow aspects)

⁃ King Archetype is optimized to be unisex (energies and qualities are optimized for you, and can be masculine/feminine)

⁃ develop/improve qualities of assertiveness, integrity, self-awareness, adaptability, learning agility, influence, empathy

⁃ be stoic and centered, stand in your power (outside forces/words do not affect you)

⁃ create and inspire creativity & determination in others

⁃ become extremely charismatic, earn courage and respect

⁃ energy protection built-in (you cannot be affected by negative thoughts or energies)

⁃ to allow others to see your true qualities and tallent

⁃ others hear and understand you clearly

⁃ motivation and anti-procrastination, improve self control

⁃ clear goals, sense of life purpose, focus on priorities

⁃ become optimistic, stress-free and overcome worry

⁃ confidence & strong belief in yourself, remove limiting beliefs about your personal power

⁃ activation and opening of root chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra

⁃ improve communication & connection (always know what words to use to connect to others)

⁃ improve relationships at work, in your family & with friends/coworkers

⁃ solve problems, always know what steps to take to achieve your goals

⁃ remove all negative feelings, thoughts/beliefs & blockages relating to your goals

⁃ accelerate the arrival of your success and materialize your goals


designed :slight_smile:


Thank you :bouquet:


Take this mandala + Masculinity and the world becomes ur playground


What is your experience with this field?

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Lol masculinity… Seriously??
What about women? :joy:

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Women what ? It’s not really a priority I think, but I’m sure this two fields can help very much if you want to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems you are confusing masculinity with confidence

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Anyone with any experience of this mandala?

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This looks incredible. Wow.

I had this DM added to an item I bought from the MF Etsy store. It has made me much more stoic, fluid in my words, confident, assertive, and respected by others. Highly recommended.


Seriously contemplating on buying this one. I feel like it’ll provide great support in many areas.
Would anybody who purchased this product be willing to share their experiences with this?

so one exemple . Before the dm i was able to picking up girls
once an a while, but not often
With the DM i just felt like i dont need to pick nobody , i dont need to chase anyone (idk if its a positive thing).
i am full of confidene at any situation , free from being needy or shame to do what i want to .

i would say its the strongest dm of @Maitreya
i was carrying it for a month and i became super confidence
and powerful !!, nobody can effect my inner self from the outside.
more then I expected! ,even Too Much. feel like i cheating my original evolution lol

to my taste if this dm was Without the King archtype it was perfect.


Oh wow, thank you so much for sharing! This sounds like a powerful DM indeed. Might have to get this asap afterall.

I do wonder if perhaps with the field editor, the wanted and unwanted benefits of the field can be tweaked to ones own taste.


@Polaris Can i combine DM The leadership Gene, with Sigma Male DM?
I feel drawn to both, but i wonder if they would clash?

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Oh I had the same thoutghs. I think yes. I decided to add both to test if they clash. I am going to switch off the King Archetype because it’s more alpha vibe. I had some internal issues with Sigma because I have always been more of an alpha female; it just doesn’t suit me anymore. If you feel drawn to both, I would go ahead and play with it.