Professional Series Suggestions

Hi guys. Maitreya has an idea of making fields for specific professions. Would you like to tell us what professions you need fields made for and what are the required skills for that profession and the major challenges that you need help with so you can be at the top in your field?


Master at cooking skills

Become a world-renowned chef
Cook any cuisine
Genius chef
Cook delicious meals
Cook healthy and delicious food
Confident in your cooking abilities
Remember recipes
Learn cooking quickly and easily
Cook all type of recipes
Make something out of nothing
Passion for food
Learn from the mistakes
Have great taste buds


World-Class writer:

Fundamentally understand any artistic works you are studying for inspiration

Replicate the creative process/writing style of any person you desire

Receive divine inspiration from various sources for ideas.

Dissolve writer’s block

Increase motivation/drive to write

Boost positive teamwork in collaborative projects

Create glamourous aura around your works to make them more appealing to your audience


Software engineering:
-Master algorithms and data structures, optimazing the algorithms for time and space complexity

  • Use best principles and practices to develop software
    -Understand the domain problem and the functional and non functional requirements
    -Expert in design patterns and clean code.
    -Expert in data, databases.
    -Expert in computer science
    -Expert in math applied for programming, software engineering, etc
    -Great ideas to develop apps.
    -Dominate both frontend and backend
    Well there are more for that discipline but they’re the best I can think about at the moment.

I want one that is to technology what being “green thumbed” is to plants.

A field, can we call it “Silver Thumb”? That is what I want.


This will be very helpful. :pray:


Hi again, guys, I think I need to clarify what we are asking you for. “To be an expert it such and such” depends entirely on the personal effort,put into something. No field is going to make you an expert in computer science, you need to become one, but there are qualities that would be beneficial for a person and between two people who have graduated in Computer science the one that has them will be a great developer and the other an average. SO for example one may need concentration, faith,.etc…qualities that are personal, part of your character and soul that will make you a great professional in that field. We are asking you about what qualities you as person need so you can be highly successful, not the technical professional skill and knowledge that everybody is responsible for and needs to acquire for themselves. Can you please give us more of that, you can edit your post if you want to.

Why try to specify them at all? Sounds like you’ll never get the formula right since all people are different, so too their needs will be different. Instead, leverage the love & wisdom within the realm of Spirit to ensure the formula will always be ideal.

As I see it, only one field would be needed for all.

Professional Mastery Field:

For whatever profession a person is in, open a connection to the realm of Spirit & send out a request to all benevolent beings asking to receive whatever they agree is needed for mastery to be achieved.

Simple & effective, and will always work ideally for anyone as long as they are willing to be open & receive without feeling the need to control the interaction.

Consider integrating functionality from previous releases to give the realm of Spirit more to work with. Things like Subconscious Connector, Emotional Replacer, Language Downloader, Art of Utilization, Field Integration Primer, etc. would allow them to effectively target specific areas for greater overall effect.

There are already so many effective tools in Maitreya’s portfolio, but combining them into one focused package powered by the wisdom of the realm of Spirit? That would be very powerful indeed.


Taken even further, why only do Professional Mastery? How about an entire series devoted to achieving Mastery in all the realms of life? Professional, Social, Financial, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical/Athletic, etc…


I think this is not a good idea to gather infor from random people in the internet which are all different.

Why not take time and make research about the professional if your team really wanna do good fields?

And in my opinion, i don’t use much field from Maitreya because many of that are based on random person without certification in the internet with few knowledge from random source online.

I hope Maitreya become better in the way team make field. Just like Sapien, he always research carefully about what he do based on scientific facts (and spiritual to), that’s why many people believe him and his fields. People can give him some ideas, but he will research about it careful.

What i said only my 2 cents to help, i dont intention to insult or smthg.

DM: Solopreneur

20 Characteristics of Successful Solopreneurs

We make research before making fields, but ideas from other people help us to know which things people who are following us need. :slight_smile:

The team has 1 clinical physiologist, 1 doctor, and a homeopathic therapist.

Also, it’s not appropriate for our channel to be compared with Sapien’s as they are using different methods and sources of energy.

Hope this makes sense for you. :wink:


Bueno, quiero hacer una sugerencia sobre un campo que me encantaría tener. Las características apuntan a que el usuario tiene unas habilidades pedagógicas perfectas. Estoy estudiando una carrera en ese campo y esas habilidades me ayudarán a desempeñarme con éxito.

La especificaciĂłn de las caracterĂ­sticas es:

  • Maestro exitoso
  • Excelente maestro
  • Maestro seguro
  • Habilidades de enseñanza perfectas
  • Estilos de enseñanza perfectos
  • Grandes habilidades comunicativas
  • Voz dominante, fuerte y carismática
  • Buena resistencia para enseñar y presentar
  • ActĂşa siempre con inteligencia y conciencia.
  • Obtenga amor y respeto de los estudiantes
  • Obtenga la cooperaciĂłn total de los estudiantes
  • Creatividad para desarrollar un material de estudio fácil, claro e ideal.
  • Siempre tenga ideas creativas para las lecciones.
  • Motivar siempre a los estudiantes
  • Memoria perfecta
  • Todo mi conocimiento se activa para tenerlo conscientemente disponible.
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@TVIRGO This is exactly research that we are doing-asking people what they found they needed in their professions. One can not be experienced in all professions to know exactly from within the field what would be of help.

I don’t know why you decided here we are random people without certification. Multiple Master’s degrees and many other qualifications and training are behind this channel.

We all hope to become better at everything we do as only sky is the limit to personal development. However the talent and qualification of Maitreya are beyond what you can imagine really as she is always very humble and nice to everyone, behaves without pretense and does not boast. She would not like me to boast on her behalf either, so I am going to stop here.

Thank you for your 2 cents :slight_smile:
No hard feelings either :slight_smile: Just wanted to clarify things a bit.



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Adding to this:

  • Masterful world building (create completely believable fantasy or sci-fi realms with detailed mythologies, languages, etc.

This might be petty but I really want to create a world and mythology as rich and real as Tolkien’s.

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