Field checking (Neo golgotha supervirus)

Can someone check to see if there are morphic fields in this audio. I need outside help. Neo Golgotha Supervirus - YouTube

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-ahem I mean I don’t think it works

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Maybe I’m a guinea pig and experience that.

It is suppose to be for my mom. She’s late middle aged and has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder/fibernialga/a broken back. I also meant it for other people I care about.

the intention here isn’t being an experiment. What I meant is to feel if there’s any morphics fields attached to the frequecies.

I know, but if it works it doesn’t really matter if it has a morphic field or not, right?

I do think that golgotha and progenitor as a extension, have morphic fields which are used to mutate the host, not it’s DNA (it only acts as a base code in terms of mutation). Tyrant morphic fields and different than Golgotha Morphic fields as show with the T+G virus (A tyrant virus with Golgotha Morphic fields) and the C virus (T-veronica with Golgotha morphic fields(most likely for the prototype, the real deal is probably genetically and morphically spliced))

Basically, this audio creates Virions with morphic fields imbedded in them that do the mutating.

This is very interesting, could you send the link to the second channel you refer to?

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you mean this Alien Intercession - YouTube it’s one of sapien medicine’s sister channels

I thought in truth that there is another channel that had posted a video about a morphic field of a virus, in any way where you met golgotha?

Oh, I actually created it(or requested an alien to create it since I didn’t know how to make morphic fields). It basically started as an subliminal and it wasn’t Golgotha, it was a hybrid virus composed of 60% Neo-tyrant and 40% Golgotha with the help of neutral entities (since this subliminal is neutral in nature) I then created a N.t+G morphic field which is called Bethphage supervirus. Neo-Golgotha came a little later. There was no other channel that creates this type of audio.

And if you’re think on how I thought of this, it is an educated guess on my part. I am a little crazy

The audio that I’m referring to is the Neo Golgotha video

I see, very interestingly, do you have anything more to say about the benefits that this virus causes?