Extract Energy From Quantum Vacuum

Extract Energy From Quantum Vacuum Gumroad

This audio is programmed to extract energy from quantum vacuum. Every our atom in the body it’s like mini black hole that absorbs energy from the field. With this program this thing will be increased with 500%!

Effect lasts around 24-48 hours /depends from individual person/


So we have Limit Breaker + this field + Three Treasures!! That should be a LOT of energy!


And Pranic Healing and Recharging


Don’t forget the new Fasting field that trains your body to turn light into energy!

so is this almost like a booster? I am a bit unsure as to what this is supposed to do, just make fields work more effectively?

It’s a energy booster that turn your atoms into mini black holes that absorbs the energy from this field

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so it just increases your energy is all?



Because of this field, I don’t have to eat nearly as much food. Trust me, the effect is noticeable.


that’s great. I have been fasting recently and wanted to do 36-48 hrs but around 24hrs my blood glucose drops to the point where I get dizzy light headed and anxious. do you think this field could help? I saw the fasting field too but haven’t looked into it. this one seems more like what I am looking for

Use both.

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But, realize it’ll take a couple weeks before your system is able to integrate the energies & learn to more effectively utilize environmental energy sources. So, if you’re trying to fast now, don’t expect a major shift right away.

Consider giving your body time to learn the new way of doing things, then try the fast again.


Non-boosted Patreon version: